BPM Minerals LLC

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AGRI-FLEX™ 10 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ 16 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ 200 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ 2500 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ 30 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ 325 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ 8 Bentonite, AGRI-FLEX™ Chips, AGRI-FLEX™ Premium Bentonite, BARA-KADE® 125 Bentonite, BARA-KADE® 30 Mesh, BARA-KADE® 90 Bentonite, BARA-KADE® Chips, BARA-KADE® ES 200 Mesh, BARA-KADE® ES 30 Mesh, BARA-KADE® ES Granular, BARA-KADE® Granular Bentonite, BARA-KADE® SP Bentonite, BARA-KADE® Standard, BARA–KADE® 200 Bentonite, EXPANDA® Plus, EXPANDA® Premium, EXPANDA® SP, EXPANDA® Standard, EXPANDA® Zeo, NATIONAL® 10, NATIONAL® 12, NATIONAL® 16, NATIONAL® 30, NATIONAL® 8, NATIONAL® Premium, NATIONAL® Premium 325, NATIONAL® Premium 325WT, NATIONAL® Premium WT, NATIONAL® Standard, NATIONAL® Standard Special Grind, NATIONAL® Standard 325, NATIONAL® Standard AE200, NATIONAL® Standard AE325, NATIONAL® Standard PG, ORGANOTROL™ Viscosifier, VITIBEN®

Categories of Goods and Services Provided