Bamburra - Planejamento & Economia Mineral Ltda.

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Auctions & Bids, Business Opportunities Promotion & Road Show, Capital Markets & Investor Relations, Computer Modeling & Quantitative Techniques, Computer Modeling & Quantitative Techniques, Development of Plans Programs & Projects, Divesting & Closure, Due Diligence & Bankable Documents, Economic Social Financial & Legal Audits, Economics of Exploration & Options Contracts, Economics of Exploration & Options Contracts, Education & Training, Education & Training, Evaluation of Prospects & Mining Properties, Exploration Agreements & Joint-Ventures, Exploration Agreements & Joint-Ventures, Flow of Funds Engineering, Identification of Business Opportunities, Institutional Consulting, Market Studies & Competitive Analysis, Market Studies & Research & Competitive Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services, Mineral Policy Formulation & Evaluation, Organization & Geological Information Systems, Organization & Information Systems, Project & Corporate Finance Advisory Services, Promotion of Investment Opportunities & Road Show, Strategic Planning & Scenario Construction, Taxation Planning

Categories of Goods and Services Provided