Barber & DeLine, LLC.

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Abandonment - Borehole Cementing, Air Rotary, Angle Drilling, Auger Drilling, Barge Drilling, Borehole Geophysics, Borings, Cable Tool Well Drilling Service Methods, Caissons, Casing Extraction / Perforation / Cutting, Cathodic Protection, Cellar Rings / Cementing, Commercial, Complete Location Clearing, Complete Location Construction, Complete Location Reclamation, Conductor Casing Sets, Core Drilling, Cover Plate Welding, Dewatering Wells, Down Hole Camera Investigations, Down Hole Perforating, Down The Hole Hammer (DHD), Drilling Consulting, Erosion Control, Exploratory Drilling, Foundation Drilling, Frac Tanks - Cleaning, Frac Tanks - Hauling, Frac Tanks - Rental, Frac Tanks - Repair, Grouting, Intermediate Casing Strings, Mine Drilling, Mud Rotary, Permitting Services, Pile Installations, Pit Construction and Lining, Pre-Drilling, Project Consulting, Project Design, Pumps, Remote Access Drilling, Residental Wells, Road Constuction, Rock Anchors, Rock Sockets, Shaft Drilling and Installation, Speciality Drilling, Split Spoon Sampling, Surface Casing Sets, Trucking, Water Conditioning, Water Hauling

Categories of Goods and Services Provided