Baumer Inc.

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Product/Service List

Absolute Encoders, Acceleration Sensors, Angle Measurement / Rotary Encoders, Bearingless Encoders, Cable-Pull Assemblies, Capacitive Sensors, Conductivity Measuring Solutions, Distance Measurement Sensors and Encoders, Fill Level Measuring Solutions, Force Measuring Solutions, Format Alignment, HeavyDuty Combinations, HeavyDuty Encoders, HeavyDuty Speed Switches, Identification and Image Processing, Inclination Sensors, Incremental Encoders, Inductive Sensors, Industrial Cameras and Vision Sensors, Linear Encoders without Bearings, Magnetic Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Precision Mechanical Switches, Presence Detection Sensors, Pressure Measuring Solutions, Process Instrumentation, Sensors and Precision Switches, Strain Measuring Solutions, Tachogenerators and Resolvers, Temperature Measuring Solutions, Ultrasonic Sensors

Categories of Goods and Services Provided