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401 Certification, Air Quality (ATC and PO), Environmental Analysis, Environmental Impact Reports and Initial Studies, Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments, Erosion Control Planning, Exploration Drilling Programs, Feasibility Studies, Federal Land Exchange, Financial Assurance Estimating, Habitat Conservation Plans, Hydrology Design, Infrastructure Planning, Land Use Entitlements, Lead Agency SMARA, Market Analysis, Mine Design, Mine Planning, Mineral Title Research, Mitigation Monitoring, Permitting & Compliance Services, Permitting Strategy, Planning & Design Services, Political Relations and Advocacy, Project Coordination and Management, Project Definition, Property Transfer Due Diligence, Reclamation Planning and Design, Regulatory Compliance and Monitoring, Resource Management Plans, Revegetation Success Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Site Selection and Development, SMARA Compliance, T&E Species and Habitat Evaluations and Vegetation and Rare Plant Evaluations, Water Quality (Waste Discharge)

Categories of Goods and Services Provided