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Boart Longyear is the world's leading provider of drilling services, drilling equipment, performance tooling, and down-hole instrumentation for mining and drilling companies. Established in 1890, the company consistently sets the standard in the drilling industry. The company's integration of drilling expertise and engineering excellence produces the most innovative drilling products in the market.

Whether it's rigs, sonic equipment, coring rods, casings, bits, down-hole instrumentation, parts and services or contract drilling services, Boart Longyear takes care of all your drilling requirements for mining, energy, mine de-watering, oil sands exploration, and production drilling.

Boart Longyear provides a range of drilling services expertise and technical capabilities utilizing a cutting-edge fleet of equipment. Advancing drilling equipment and coring technology takes not only an investment in research and development but also experience in the field. The Boart Longyear™ Drilling Services team knows what it takes to tackle tough jobs safely in challenging environments and meet or exceed the client’s productivity expectations.

Whether in surface coring, underground coring, reverse circulation drilling, rotary drilling, directional drilling, horizontal drilling, sonic drilling, production drilling, boring services, dewatering or water well drilling, Boart Longyear drilling crews know safety comes first. Boart Longyear crews know how to get the best productivity using high-quality Boart Longyear equipment and tooling, how to drill the straightest, deepest holes more quickly, and how to put more core in the box. That all adds up to consistent delivery of results on-time and on-target.

With Boart Longyear’s line of top-drive coring, chuck-drive coring, underground, sonic and multipurpose drill rigs, customers get the deepest reaching drills on the market and the industry’s best solutions for safety and reliability.

Boart Longyear engineers continually innovate and look for ways to improve productivity. Moving some of the repetitive and routine drilling tasks from manual handling to automated systems, the company has rolled out a range of advanced and patented rod presenters and handlers that partially or fully mechanize rod handling.

Collectively, Boart Longyear’s LF™160, LF™350 and LF™90D rigs offer the industry’s first and only truly hands-free rod handling solutions. Boart Longyear is the first U.S. company to utilize sonic drilling equipment for environmental drilling and its line of drill rigs includes solutions for safe and partially automated handling of coring drill rods on both short and long holes.

Boart Longyear diamond bits, coring rods, casings, subs, wireline systems, reverse circulation and top hammer tooling are some of the most advanced tooling in the industry, specifically engineered for long life and high performance while boasting world-class safety features. Whether used for surface or underground, a wide variety of tooling is available for drilling applications including diamond core drilling for both shallow and deep hole, small and large diameter core, and wireline and conventional drilling methods.

To increase the effectiveness of drill crews, the company continually evaluates customer feedback and has the added advantage of monitoring the operations of its own drilling services teams. New tooling is tested in the field on the drill rigs at real drilling projects to maximize design and enhance productivity before bringing the technology to market.

Originally released more than 60 years ago, Boart Longyear’s genuine Q™ wireline core retrieval system revolutionized the diamond drilling industry. Next came the reliable strength of the RQ™ rod, and now being launched in 2018, Boart Longyear’s patented and innovative XQ™ wireline coring rods add even more value. XQ rods have proven to be stronger, last longer and go deeper, and are easier to make and break.

In the 1980s, Boart Longyear engineers developed the groundbreaking impregnated diamond coring bit. Continued innovation has since enabled the introduction of the Longyear™ diamond bit line - engineered to drill faster, last longer, and out-perform existing bit technology.

With Boart Longyear’s global manufacturing and distribution facilities, reliable drilling products can be delivered quickly to the job site no matter where in the world it is located.

Boart Longyear understands how spare parts and service availability is critical to the success of any drilling operation. From drilling rig parts to spares, maintenance assistance, and repairs that span from reconditioning up to full rig overhauls, Boart Longyear’s team is equipped and ready to assist you and meet your needs every step of the way. Use genuine Boart Longyear parts and services to keep your projects running with lower operating costs and higher returns on your equipment investments.

Boart Longyear’s legacy of innovation continues with data tools developed to deliver the accurate results geologists require with the ease of use and reliability drillers demand. These tools make accurate geophysical information from the hole available faster by bringing more technology into the hands of the drill crew.

Boart Longyear’s instrumentation tools include the TruCore™ core orientation system, TruScan™ core scanning with XRF technology, and TruShot™ magnetic survey tool.

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