Busbar Installations (Pty) Ltd

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Product/Service List

Aluminium and Copper Fabrication, Bare copper stranded conductors., Braided and Stranded Earthing Conductors, Braided Flexibles Connectors, Busbar Expansion Joints, Busbar to Switchgear Connector braids, Cast Resin Busbar Systems, Contactor Flexible Braids, Copper and Aluminum Conductors, Covered copper stranded conductors, Design Electrical Busbar Systems, Electric Arc Air Cooled Furnace Cables and Flexibles, Electric Arc Watercooled Furnace Cables and Flexibles, Electric Ladle Watercooled Furnace Cables, Electrical Jumper Cables, Flexible Connectors in Copper and Aluminium, Furnace Busbars, High Frequency Induction Furnace Cables, Installation of Electrical Busbar Systems, Inverted ā€œUā€ Laminated Flexibles for Tanabi Furnaces, Laminated Busbars, Laminated Flexibles Connectors, Low Frequency Induction Furnace Cables, Manufacture and Repair of Water-Cooled Cables and Flexibles, Manufacture Electrical Busbar Systems, Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Cables, Medium Voltage Busbars, Open Busbar Systems, Open Busbars for Electrolytic Tank Houses (Copper Refineries), Repairs to furnace contact pads, Stranded Flexibles Connectors, Submerged Arc Aircooled Flexible Strand Welded into copper shoes, Transformer Flexibles, Water Cooled Cables for Furnaces

Categories of Goods and Services Provided