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Changsha Enyu Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd. - Drilling Bits, Rock Drilling Tools

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Changsha ENYU Engineering Equipments Co. Ltd.

Changsha ENYU Engineering Equipment Co. Ltd has been designing, building and exporting engineering equipment and accessories for many years for satisfied customers in China, France, Canada, America, Finland, South Africa, Zambia, Mexico and Hong Kong. We provide five broad categories of products, all high quality and reasonably-priced, and all with timely delivery and flexible payment options.

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Rock Drilling Tools
Threaded bits, Tapered bits, DTH bits, DTH hammers, Rock drills, Coal bits and Casting bits and engineering bits (in accordance with your specifications)

Diamond Tools:
Diamond Saw blade, Masonry bits, Diamond glass cutters and Core bits

Pneumatic Tools:
Y20Y, Breakers, Pick G10, Chipping, Hand-held, Y26, Hand held Y3DY, Air-leg 7655 & YT27, Riveting, Tampers, Air-leg YT24, YO18 and pneumatic tool accessories.

Cement Additives:
Setting Accelerators and Concrete Expanding Agent Model EYE-1

Rock Bolts (self drilling)

Address:Room 706, HONGFEI Building,
No. 123 Yanshan Street,
China, 410000
View Supplier's Full Contact Information
Phone:+86-731 84464257
Fax:+86-731 84461837
Contact:Enyuan Shi Email

Categories of Goods and Services Provided

Consulting Services - Exploration - Drilling, Equipment - Crushing & Conveying - Breaker Systems, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Core Drills, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Diamond Drilling, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Drilling Equipment, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Production Drilling, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Roof Bolters, Equipment - Other - Ground Support, Equipment - Other - Mine Support Systems, Equipment - Other - Pneumatic Systems, Equipment - Other - Pneumatic Tools, Supplies & Consumables - Drilling & Blasting - Accessories, Supplies & Consumables - Drilling & Blasting - Bits & Components, Supplies & Consumables - Drilling & Blasting - Diamond Drill Bits, Supplies & Consumables - Drilling & Blasting - Drill Bits, Supplies & Consumables - Drilling & Blasting - Drill Consumables, Supplies & Consumables - Other - Abrasion Resistant Surfaces, Supplies & Consumables - Other - Abrasives, Supplies & Consumables - Other - Chemicals, Supplies & Consumables - Other - Grout

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Air-leg 7655 & YT27, Air-leg YT24, Breakers, Casting Bits, Chipping, Coal Bits, Core Bits, Cutter, Diamond Glass, Diamond Saw Blade, Drilling Bits, Drilling Tools, DTH Bits, DTH Hammers, Hand held Y3DY, Hand-held Y26, Masonry Bits, Model EYE-1 Concrete Expanding Agent, Model EYS-1 Setting Accelerator, Pick G10, Pneumatic Tools, Riveting, Rock Drilling Tools, Rock Drills, Self-drilling Grouting Bolt, Tampers, Tapered Bits, Threaded Bits, Y20Y, YO18