Chemposite Inc.

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Fiberglass Acoustic Covers and Shields, Fiberglass Air Seal Dampers (AMCA Certified), Fiberglass Carbon Adsorber Vessels, Fiberglass Chemical Scrubber Vessels, Fiberglass Chemical Storage Tanks, Fiberglass Cooling Towers, Fiberglass Dome Covers, Fiberglass Ductwork, Fiberglass Electrolysis Tanks, Fiberglass Equipment Covers, Fiberglass Equipment Platforms and Walkways, Fiberglass Fan Covers and Housings, Fiberglass Liquid Distributors, Fiberglass Mist Eliminator Housings, Fiberglass Mixing Tanks, Fiberglass Mixing Troughs, Fiberglass Packing Support Plates, Fiberglass Pressure Pipes and Fittings, Fiberglass Pump Stations, Fiberglass Spray Headers, Fiberglass Tank and Trench Covers, Fiberglass Water Treatment Tanks, Fiberglass Weir Troughs, Shop-fabricated Fiberglass Piping Spools, Sight Glasses, Structural Forms and Shapes, Thermoplastic Chemical Metering Pumps, Thermoplastic Valves, Walkway Covers

Categories of Goods and Services Provided