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Columbia Steel Africa

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Manufacturing Innovative Wear Parts for Mining
Columbia Steel dragline riggine

Columbia Steel is proud of its proven success from working directly with mine maintenance and product end users to improve wear part service and quality. Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc. produces castings from 4 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. in a broad range of high quality cast steel impact and wear resistant parts for the mining industry. In addition to stock, Columbia stores over 24,000 patterns on-site, ready to be made into wear parts and ship quickly.

Crusher Wear Parts

Columbia Steel manufactures wear parts for all popular crushers. Many improved crusher part designs have been developed that increase life beyond what the OEM has to offer. This, combined with the right alloy recommendation from Columbia Steel engineers, can lead to significant increases in production.

Columbia Steel is unique among producers of gyratory crusher parts in our ability to produce parts from four major wear-resistant alloy groups. Alloys are also available in a variety of grades, which allows us to adjust the hardness and toughness as needed. These options allow us to produce rows of concaves, and multiple-piece mantles, in the alloy that is best suited to withstand the levels of impact and abrasion found at the point in the crushing chamber. In addition, Columbia Steel's Xtend Process® bi-metallic overlays have proven very successful in reducing abrasive wear in gyratory crushers.

Distributors in Africa:

Hard Rocking Mining:
Real Mining Supply
4995 NW 77th Avenue
Miami, FL 33166 USA2
Stephanie Garrity
Contact by Email
Tel: +1 786 975 1427
Fax: ++1 305 477 7435

Dragline Mining:
VR Steel
P.O. Box 124536
13a Clarke St. North
Alrode 1451
South Africa
Jackie Van Eeden
Contact by Email
Tel: +27 11 864 7630
Fax: +27 11 864 762

Find out more about these products from Columbia Steel:

Columbia Steel gyratory wear parts
Xtralloy® Manganese Steel

Columbia Steel's Xtralloy manganese steel is the recognized worldwide leading 24% premium manganese steel. With over 20 years of proven success, it’s the alloy mines trust to crush the toughest, most abrasive material. Xtralloy’s most substantial advantages over standard manganese are most obvious when used in large parts, thick sections and in very abrasive crushing conditions.

Xtralloy's high alloy content, special heat-treating requirements and special manufacturing process makes this alloy difficult to produce, making it difficult for other foundries to produce any comparable alloy. Columbia Steel, however, has perfected the process of manufacturing this premium manganese steel. Columbia Steel has exceeded where others could not, consistently producing this high alloy steel, using tight process control and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Xtralloy premium manganese steel
Dragline Chain, Rigging and Wear Parts

Columbia Steel is the world leading manufacturer of dragline chain. In addition, Columbia engineers continue to design new, innovative chain, hoist links and dragline rigging. Columbia Steel has become a trusted supplier to the operators of draglines in the mining of coal, lignite and phosphates because of its determined effort to provide stronger, longer lasting parts.

TwistLink dragline chain
Find out more about Columbia Steel dragline wear parts:  

Mining Shovel Wear Parts

Columbia Steel offers crawler shoes in high strength alloy steel, which have significant advantages over manganese steel crawler shoes.

Find out more about Columbia Steel mining shovel crawler shoes and mining shovel wear parts.

Columbia Steel crawler shoe

Grinding Mill Liners

The use of high strength martensitic steels supply the toughness and the hardness required to give Columbia Steel grinding mill liners superior performance. Drive Sprockets, racking, pinions, tooth points and adapters are also available for a large number of mining shovels.


Bucket Ladder Dredge Parts

Columbia Steel is well known for its manganese steel dredge products. We've made hundreds of castings for bucket ladder dredges in overseas mine sites prior to 1930. Columbia Steel’s expertise can help supply you with a variety of long-lasting parts, including: buckets, replacement bucket lips, upper drive tumbler assembly, lower tumbler assembly, ladder rollers, idlers and more. Find out more about Columbia Steel dredge buckets and bucket ladder wear parts.

Columbia Steel dredge bucket
The Columbia Steel Guarantee

All Columbia Steel wear parts are guaranteed for proper fit, performance and customer satisfaction.
With over 100 years of wear part manufacturing experience, we stand behind every part we make.

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Columbia Steel
Address: VR Steel
13a Clarke St. North
P.O. Box 124536
Alrode, Gauteng
South Africa, 1451
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Phone: +27 11 864 7630
Fax: +27 11 864 7629

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