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DTS Group of Companies (Dneprotechservice LLC SPF)

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Apron Feeders, Ball Mills, Blast-Furnace Bypass Valves, Blast-Furnace Cones, Blast-Furnace Equalizing Valves, Bridge-Type Rail Car Movers, Bulk Materials Handling Equipment, Cast-Iron Tubbings, Centrifugal Pumps, Charging Machines, Cold-Blast Valves, Crushing and Milling Machines, Disintegrating Mills, Drum Type Magnetic Separators, Electric Rail Tractors, Equipment for Mine Shafts, Fume Valves, Furnace Cooling Plates, Furnace-Charging Gear (Cup and Cone), Gas Dampers, Gas Sampling Machines, Gas Shutoff Valves, Hammer Crushers, Hopper Mechanisms, Hot Metal Ladle Cars, Hot-Blast Valves, Jaw Crushers, Mine Shaft Headframe, Mobile Unloading Complex, Ore Mining and Processing Equipment, Pulverized Coal Feeders, Rail Car Movers (Wagon Pushers), Reduction Gearboxes, Roll Crushers, Rope Sheaves, Screw Dust Unloaders, Separating Flappers, Side Stationary Wagon Tipplers, Skip for Transportation of Burden Materials, Slag Cars with Screw Ladle Tilting Gear, Slag Ladles, Slime Valves, Spare Parts for Ore Mining and Processing Equipment, Stacking Conveyors, Stationary Double Rotary Wagon Tipplers (Tandem), Stationary Rotary Wagon Tipplers, Throttle Gas Valves, Toothed Screw Crushers, Unified Dampers for Metallurgic Mains, Water Filters for Primary Mechanical Purification of Water

Categories of Goods and Services Provided