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New: Ø45mm Full Round PCD Disc Now Available (PDF)

TSP - Thermally Stable Polycrystalline Diamond

  • Can be manufactured into a variety of sizes and shapes that can be inserted into cutting tools, drilling bits, reamers, wire drawing dies, and other wear-resistant components.
  • Drill bits and reaming shells made with TSP diamonds are suitable for drilling in soft rocks with hardness below 7 degrees, such as lime rock, marble, shale, etc; and in medium to hard rocks with coarse grains, such as sedimentary rock.
  • Results obtained in drilling medium to hard rocks and non-uniform abrasive formations are much better than those obtained with drill bits impregnated or surface-set with single, natural diamond crystals.
  • DIDCO’s TSP diamond offers high thermal stability.
  • The relative wear resistance of the TSP diamond body remains the same under high temperature conditions.
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PDC Composite - DIDCO Polycrystalline Diamond Composite

  • Manufactured using top quality synthetic diamond grit, sintered together by way of extremely high temperature and pressure to create a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) layer.
  • During the high temperature/pressure process the sintered diamond grit is bonded (typically) to a tungsten carbide substrate to deliver absolute quality.
  • PDC Cutters: used worldwide in drill bits for oil and gas exploration.
  • Used primarily in the tooling industry for machining non-ferrous metals, composite materials, and wear resistant parts.
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CVD Diamond - Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • A commercially and economically viable alternative to natural diamond in the workplace.
  • Available in Optical, Thermal and MechanicalGrades
  • able to be grown in a controlled environment to desired thicknesses of up to ~2mm.
  • CVD diamond wafers can also be cut into a variety of shapes and polished to achieve mirror-like finishes if required.
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Synthetic Diamond & Grit Powder

  • Synthetic Diamond Grit & Powder
  • Saw Grade Quality Grit
  • Grinding Quality Grit
  • DEG Series: Grinding Grit
  • DRS, DRX, DRV and DRV-G: Grinding Grit
  • Synthetic Diamond Micron Powder
  • Dm-RB for Resin Bond Systems
  • Dm-MB for Metal Bond Systems
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Getting Downhole Dirty

  • DIDCO's 4th Generation (4G) PetroMax™ PDC Cutter
  • Specially designed multi-modal diamond grain PCD layer for superior wear resistance
  • 30% - 50% improved impact toughness than our PetroMax™ 3G PDC
  • Unique non-planar PCD layer / WC substrate interface
  • High performance PDC cutter used in drill bits worldwide
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Address: 156 Fifth Avenue
Suite #822
New York, New York
United States, 10010
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Phone: +1 212-997-5022
Fax: +1 212-997-5024
Contact: Michael Doyle

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