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Ellis International Services specializes in providing credible, independent, unbiased market value appraisals (fair market valuations) of mining properties and mineral rights, from exploration and development tracts to operating mines and quarries.

Founded in 1983, EIS is led by Trevor Ellis, a world renown mineral property appraiser with 45 years of diverse mining industry experience. Our appraisal services are provided for market valuation of properties involving all mineral commodities, such as:

  • precious and base metals
  • industrial minerals
  • uranium
  • coal
  • construction aggregate
  • dimension stone

We provide our services throughout the USA and the world, subject to legal and regulatory restrictions. Our valuation reports are developed in accordance with the prevailing national or international standards, including relevant minerals industry standards.

Mr. Ellis has been the global leader for development of international standards and best practice for valuations in the minerals and petroleum industries. He is the leading author and speaker in the field. Additionally, he has refined the most important valuation methodologies for mineral property appraisal through his extensive education, research, and experience in their application.


  • Market valuation of mineral properties, mines and quarries
  • Value Appraisal of royalties and interests
  • Value Appraisal of damages and government takings
  • Expert Witness Testimony on Minerals Appraisal (Valuation) and related technical fields

EIS is a world leader for developing high quality, credible, market value minerals appraisals (including reports of market-based fair value). Our market valuation reports are developed to prevailing international or US standards for mineral resource classification, minerals valuation, and professional appraisal practice.

Mr. Ellis takes a leading role in the development of every mineral property valuation, unless a special arrangement is made with our client. Methodologies refined over many years by Mr. Ellis on difficult valuation assignments are widely recognized as providing the most reliable estimates of market value in the minerals industry.

Our services are best suited to situations warranting a reliable estimate of market value or market-based fair value, derived from comprehensive, in-depth research and analysis. Our market valuation reports are generally best suited for:

  • litigation and arbitration of disputes
  • public financial reporting to stock exchanges
  • government takings valuation
  • donation valuation

Our clients include:

  • Private property owners
  • Exploration companies
  • Mining companies
  • Government agencies
  • Law firms

Mr. Ellis is often called upon to conduct expert valuation research for litigation cases involving mineral properties, including mines and quarries. He has testified as an Expert Witness in depositions and trials at many court levels, including internationally. For some litigations he may be an expert retained on behalf of a mining company, while in others he may be retained by a party opposing a mining company. In most litigation cases for which Mr. Ellis has been retained, a settlement was reached shortly after he delivered his fact-based report or deposition.

The mineral property market value appraisal expertise of Mr. Ellis for exploration tracts, mines and quarries is well recognized in the U.S. and international minerals industry. Professional writings of Mr. Ellis have often been quoted in litigation cases in which he was not involved, sometimes in judges’ decisions. Ellis is devoted to ethical principles and lack of bias in his work. He has unsurpassed knowledge of standards for the combination of mineral resource-reserve classification and fair valuation of mineral property interests.

Ellis’s experience has allowed him to testify on multiple aspects of a mineral property, including: geology, exploration strategies, mineral resource and reserve estimation, physical property tests on crushed stone, mining methods, mining cost estimates, and mineral product markets, including supply-demand issues for sand, gravel, and crushed stone.

Mr. Ellis is highly qualified for his field of work, by his education, experience, certifications and registrations, his many years of leading mineral valuation standards development, and the high level of recognition provided him by the mining industry.

Professional Certifications and Registrations:

  • Certified Minerals Appraiser, IIMA - International Institute of Mineral Appraisers
  • Certified Professional Geologist, AIPG - American Institute of Professional Geologists
  • Certified General Appraiser, Colorado
  • Fellow and Chartered Professional Geologist, AusIMM - The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
  • Registered Member, SME - Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration
  • Registered/Licensed Professional Geologist, Kentucky, Wyoming, Alaska


  • B.S. Geology, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • M.S. Mineral Economics, Colorado School of Mines
  • Graduate studies in Business Administration
  • Advanced level market value appraisal courses

Professional Awards, Recognitions, and Special Engagements

Mr. Ellis has received awards, recognitions, and many special engagements from mining institutes and other bodies. He is the recipient of the 2018 Mineral Economics Award of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME).

He is frequently invited to speak nationally and internationally on minerals and petroleum industry valuation standards, and other minerals industry topics. He has been the invited U.S. speaker at conferences in Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Poland, and South Africa.

On three occasions, he presented papers on mineral and petroleum industry standards matters at the United Nations in Geneva.

Mineral Valuation Standards Bodies

Mr. Ellis for many years has been a world leader in the development of valuation standards for the minerals industry, including the oil and gas sector. The following represent much of his involvement:

SME Valuation Standards Committee, Founder and Chairman, 2012 - Present

  • Chaired the development of the SME Valuation Standards, first published 2016, updated 2017.

International Mineral Valuation Committee (IMVAL), 2012-2018

  • SME representative on development of the IMVAL Template for mineral property valuation standards.

International Valuation Standards Committee, 2001-2008

  • Founder and Chairman, Extractive Industries Expert Group.
  • The minerals and petroleum valuation standards for which he led the development were published in the International Valuation Standards, 2005 and 2007 Editions.

Ellis has written or presented approximately 90 professional papers pertaining to the minerals industry sector, of which 50 have been published, 19 as peer reviewed papers. He is the world leading author on value appraisal of mineral assets, having addressed a wide array of issues.

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