Encardio-Rite Electronics Pvt. Ltd

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Anchor Load Cell Resistive Strain Gage Type, Anchor Load Cell Vibrating Wire Type, Compression Load Cell Low Capacity, Dipmeter/Water Level Sounder, Direct & Inverted Plumbline, Displacement Sensors, Earth/Soil Pressure Cells, El Beam Sensor, El Tilt Meter, Electronic Borehole Extensometer System, GTILT Software for Inclinometer, Hydraulic Center Hole Load Cell, Hydraulic Overflow Settlement Gage, Inclinometer and Plumb Line, Jackout Pressure Cell, Magnetic Extensometer System, Measuring Anchor, Mechanical Borehole Extensometer System, Mechanical Crack Meter, Portable Tilt Meter (Voltage Output), Read-Out Units / Data Loggers, Seepage Measurement System, Settlement Measurement System, Shotcrete Strain Gage, Shotcrete-Concrete Pressure Cell (NATM), Sister Bar, Soil Extensometer System, Soil-Concrete Interface Pressure Cell, Submersible Water Level Sensor, Tape Extensometer, Temperature Probes, Tilt Meter Voltage Output, Triaxial Mechanical Crack Meter, Triaxial Vibrating Wire Crack / Joint Meter, Twin Tube Hydraulic Piezometer, Uplift Pressure with Bourdon Gage, Vibrating Wire Embedment Crack / Joint Meter, Vibrating Wire Piezometer, Vibrating Wire Surface Crack / Joint Meter, Vibrating Wire Uplift Pressure Sensor

Categories of Goods and Services Provided