GENEQ inc.

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Air Capture Hoods, Air Monitoring Instruments, Air Quality Instruments, Air Samplers, Air Velocity Meters, Alarms, Analytical and Sampling Instruments, Anemometers, Antenna, Aqua Viewing Scope, Aquaculture, Aquatic Sampling Devices, Bailers, Balances, Balometers, BOD Measurement, Carbon Particule Sampler, Chlorine Meters, Chlorophyll Meters, CO2 Analyzers, COD Heater Blocks, COD Reactor Blocks, Combustion Analyzers, Current Meters, Data Loggers for Heavy Equipment, GPS Field Software, GPS Systems, Laser Range Finders, Lasers and Laser Levels, Materials Testing, Measuring Wheels, Portable Echo Sounders, Product Repair and Calibration Services, Protector Cases, Radiation Shields, Receivers, Remote Sensing Software, Soil Auger Kits, Soil Sampling Monitoring Instruments, Surveying Accessories, Surveying Instruments, Test Instruments, Water Alarm Sensor, Water Monitoring Instruments

Categories of Goods and Services Provided