GE Water and Process Technologies

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Open Recirculation, Advanced Water Reuse and Recycling, Analytical Instruments, Antiscalants, Biological Control, Boiler Chemicals, Cartidge Filters and Lab Products, Clarification, Cleaners, Closed Loop, Coagulants, Cooling Chemicals, Dechlorination, Deposit Control, Feedwater Treatment Chemicals, Fuel Treatment Chemicals, Integrated Water Solutions, Membrane (RO) Chemicals, Membrane and Filtration Technology, Membrane Elements, Membrane Micobiological Control, Metals Removal, Mobile Water Capabilities, Mobile Water Solutions, Monitoring Solutions, Odor Control, Once-Through Cooling, Remote Monitoring, Separation Equipment, Specialty Chemicals, Wastewater Treatment and Process Systems Solutions, Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Water Outsourcing, Water Treatment

Categories of Goods and Services Provided