GXD Site Services Inc. Philippines

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Product/Service List

3D Modeling, Ablution Blocks, Accommodation (Prefab Buildings), Acoustic Televiewer(ATV), Anti-Slip Tape, Barrier Board Steel extension rods, BIM ( Building Information Modeling ), Building Solutions, Chisels, Conceptual Design, Core Storages, Corrosion Protection, DESIGN SERVICES, Digital Core Orientation Instruments;, Drawing Proposal, Drill Core Orientation Devices, Dual Resistivity Probe, Engineering Design, Fabrication Drawing, Flagging Tapes and Survey Paint, Fuel Storage, Geo Bags and Vests, Geo Picks, Guard Houses, Gyroscopic Survey Instruments, Hammers, Hand Held Mag Sus (Terraplus KT-10), Hand Held XRF (Niton GOLDD), IT Architecture Planning Design and Deployment System, Magnetic Survey Instruments;, Measuring Tapes and Ropes, Medical Clinics, Mess Halls, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Portable Power Solutions Generators and Alternative Systems, Recreation Halls, Single Shot, Site Offices, Steel Framed Housing, Warehousing, Waste Water Management Systems, Water Storage Solutions, Water Treatment, Work Shops

Categories of Goods and Services Provided