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31000 Transducer, 32000 Transducer, Controls, DipTape® Visual Level Indicators, Electro Optic ELS-1150, Electro Optic ELS-1200, Electro Optic ELS-900, Electro Optic ELS-950, Electro-Optic Type Level Switches, Float Type Continuous Level Sensors, Float Type Level Switches, Float Type Multi-Point Level Sensors, Fluid sensors, Level Float LS-7, Magnetostrictive Continuous Level Sensors, Paddle Type Flow Switches, Piston Type Flow Switches, Potentiometeric Continuous Level Sensors, Proximity Switches, PS-61 Pressure Switches, PS-71 Pressure Switches, PS-83 Pressure Switches, Receivers, Relays and Barriers, RotorFlow® Continuous Flow Sensors, RotorFlow® Hall-Effect Flow Switches, RotorFlow® Visual Flow Indicators, Sensors, Shuttle Type Flow Switches, Solid-State Flow Switches, SureSite® Visual Level Indicators, Temperature Switches, Thermal Dispersion Switches, TurboFlow™ Continuous Flow Sensors, Ultrasonic Type Continuous Level Sensors, Ultrasonic Type Level Switches, Ultrasonic Type Multi-Point Level Sensors, Valves, Warrick Conductivity Control Systems

Categories of Goods and Services Provided