Geo-Logic Associates

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Aquifer Testing and Analyses, Clay and Amended Soil, Compliance and Permitting, Contaminant Fate and Transport Modeling, Fault Investigations, Gas Sampling, Geoelectric Leak Detection, Geologic Mapping, Geosynthetics, Geotechnical Design and Analyses, Geotechnical Laboratory Services, Geotechnical Laboratory Testing, Groundwater Flow Modeling, Groundwater Monitoring System Design and Report Preparation, Groundwater Remediation System Design, Groundwater Sampling, Hydraulic Conductivity, Hydrogeology Services, Impoundment Design, Laboratory Testing of Construction Materials, Laboratory Testing of Geosynthetics, Laboratory Testing of Soils, Landslide Investigations, Liner Integrity Surveys, Liquifaction Evaluation and Mitigation, Materials Assessments, Moisture-Density Relationships, Portable Field Laboratory, Remedial Slope Grading / Landslide Mitigation Design, Seismic Design, Seismic Evaluation, Seismic Modeling, Shear Wave Velocity and Seismic Refraction Surveys, Site Closure and Post-Closure Maintenance Planning, Site Remediation Alternatives Studies / Design, Slope Stability Analyses, Soil Characterizations, Soil Classification, Soil Sampling, Soil-Pore Liquid Sampling, Subsurface Geologic Investigations, Water Supply Studies, Well Abandonment, Well Development, Well Installation

Categories of Goods and Services Provided