GeoSonics, Inc

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Attenuation Studies, Blasting Audits, Blasting Impact Analysis, Crack Monitoring, Cross-Hole Seismic Surveys, Damage Claim Investigations, Drawdown Testing, Electrical Resistivity, Electromagnetic Conductivity, Environmental Acoustics, Ground Penetrating Radar, Iso-Seis, Magnetics, Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves, Nanotechnology, Noise and Vibration Control, Noise Mapping / Contouring, Noise Measurement, Noise Modeling, Post-Blast Inspections, Pre-Blast Inspections, Seismic Reflection, Seismic Refraction, Seismic Tomography, Seismic Vulnerablility of Structures, Seismograph Record Certification, Sensitive Equipment, Slope Stability, Soil Settlement, Static Water Level, Structural Dynamic Analysis, Structural Response Studies, Tilt Meters, Town Meetings, Underground Utilities, Vibra-Map, Vibration Analysis, Vibration Isolation Design, Vibration Mitigation Studies, Vibration Monitoring, VLF Surveys, Water Analysis, Water pH Meter, Water Quality Laboratory

Categories of Goods and Services Provided