Geocon Group Inc

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Aircraft FacilitiesParks, Asphalt Laboratory Testing, Asphalt Paving Inspection, California Bearing Ratio Testing Apparatus, Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Complete Set of Sieves and Testing Devices, Concrete Laboratory Testing, Concrete Slump Apparatus, Concrete/Asphalt Temperature Thermometers, Direct Shear Testing Machines, Drainage / Seepage Studies, Drilled Pier / Driven Pile Inspection, Dynamic Interaction, Economic Mineral Resource Evaluations, Falling Head Permeability Apparatus, Fault Investigations, Foundation Investigations, Geologic Hazard Reconnaissance, Geotechnical Feasibility Studies, Geotechnical Instrumentation, Geotechnical Laboratory Testing, Grading Observation and Compaction Testing, Highway and Railroad Embankments, Hveem Gyro-Compactor, Hydrogeologic Investgations, Landslide Evaluations, Municipal Water and Wastewater Facilities, One-Dimensional Consolidation Apparatus, Pavement Section Determination, Precision Air Entrainment Meter, R-Value Determination Equipment, Radio-Equipped Fleet, Reflex Asphalt Extraction Apparatus, Residential and Commercial Land Development, Ring Density Sampling Devices, Sample Drying Ovens, Sample Splitters, Sandcone Density Apparatus, Seismic / Liquefaction Analysis, Seismic Refraction / Rock Rippability, Slope Stability, Soil Improvement / Stabilization, Soil Structure, Structural Concrete / Masonry Inspection, Tieback Inspection and Testing, Troxler and Campbell Nuclear Density-Moisture Gauges, Unconfined Compression Apparatus, Water Retention/Impoundment Structures, Wilcox Automated Sand Equivalent Shaker

Categories of Goods and Services Provided