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Geovariances is the world leader in applied geostatistics and brings more than 30 years of experience providing geostatistical software solutions, training and consulting services and expertise to the Mining, Oil & Gas and Environmental industries. Headquartered in Fontainebleau-Avon, France, the company has also offices in Perth, Australia and Belo-Horizonte, Brazil.

For the Mining industry, the company develops and markets two software solutions:

  • Isatis, the general purpose geostatistics software toolbox, reference software solution in geostatistics;
  • Minestis, the fast and user-friendly workflow for geological domain modeling and resource estimation.

Geovariances also provides:

  • Training in applied geostatistics and software use;
  • Tailored and practical consulting services related to mineral resource estimation.

Geovariances is responsible for the implementation of many significant technical advances over the past 3 decades. The company is committed to fully support the industry’s needs by constantly improving its software products and technology. It invests continuously in research and development through research consortia or partnerships with research leaders in their respective industries (e.g. Paris School of Mines).

Geovariances' flagship software solution Isatis has been the industry leading geostatistics software for almost 25 years.

Isatis is a general purpose and comprehensive geostatistics software solution that allows addressing very different issues from various industries. It provides an exclusive range of proven and robust statistics and geostatistics algorithms for data analysis and quality control, variography, estimation, conditional simulations and uncertainty assessment. Isatis connectivity with mainstream mining packages makes it easy to integrate in users' day-to-day workflow.

Isatis offers automatic procedures for efficient model updating and easy reproduction of workflows. From an audit perspective, it allows the full storage of workflows and input parameters.

Isatis applies for drill hole spacing analysis and optimization, grade control modeling, comparison of selectivity and estimate precision, linear and non-linear resource estimation, resource classification, resource variability analysis and reconciliation.

About 300 mining companies (among them industry leaders) and consultancies use Isatis today for resource estimation or review.

Minestis is a mining package dedicated to mineral resource estimation. Launched in 2015, it is the first software solution that enables reliable and coherent geological domain modeling and resource estimation through a rigorous, yet simplified and secure geostatistics-based approach.

Minestis offers a fully automated, auditable and traceable estimation process and makes model updating rapid and easy. It benefits from a technology that have been tried and tested for over 20 years through Isatis (Geovariances reference software in geostatistics), ensuring top quality estimates. Minestis gives easy access to geostatistics and makes the recommended resource evaluation techniques (like uniform conditioning or conditional simulations) easy to implement by non-experts in geostatistics.

As part of the domain modeling application, the software also offers an original automatic procedure for objective and rapid sample clustering into domains, introducing scientific rigor to a traditionally subjective procedure based on manual clustering and cross-plots interpretation.

Products & services

Geovariances offers general or industry-related geostatistics training available worldwide in various languages. Courses cover all aspects of geostatistics for resource estimation, contamination characterization, mapping or risk analysis. We provide a variety of training options, including live public, in-house or online sessions, with standard contents or customized to your team’s unique needs.

Our programs cover the whole geostatistics workflow, from data analysis and variography to advanced multivariate non-linear methods. With our courses, attendees can get a “hands-on experience” of the importance of key geostatistical concepts, rapidly develop valuable skills with our niche topics, improve their software practice or just get some insights on the added value of geostatistics. Training can be completed with mentoring for goal-oriented workshops.

Products & services

Geovariances provides consulting services internationally, mainly to the Mining, upstream Oil and Gas, Nuclear Decommissioning and Contaminated Sites industries, but not only. Our consultants have experience addressing industry challenges and specific issues as well as, being experts in geostatistics, are able to find innovative solutions to address problems. They perfectly know the advanced techniques which will benefit companies’ projects.

For the Mining Industry, Geovariances conduct geostatistics-based studies including resource characterization, estimation precision analysis, drill hole spatial analysis, uncertainty characterization, resource classification. Our consultants can also help companies set up procedures for recoverable resource estimation or to improve plant performance prediction, or optimize their estimation quality control processes. They are able to combine high expertise and experience to respond to unusual issues clients bring to them.

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