Green Bit & Tool, Inc.

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Boart Longyear Products, Christensen Mining Products, Coring Equipment, Drill Bits, Drilling Fluid Additive, Drilling Subs, Drillpipe and Drillcollar Thread Compound, Fishing Tools, Gardner Denver Ajax Pumps, Gardner Denver Duplex Pumps, Gardner Denver OPI Pumps, Gardner Denver Triplex Pumps, General Supplies, Hammer Bits, Hammer Tools, Hole Plugs and Packers, Miscellaneous Rig Parts, Percussion Tools and Bits, Pin Flags and Plastic Flagging, Pipe Handling Equipment, Pipe Wipers, Pump Accessories, Standco Brushes, Varel Tricone Button Bits (TCI Insert Bits), Varel Tricone Milltooth Rock Bits

Categories of Goods and Services Provided