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Growth Asia, a member of the Growth Steel Group

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Head Office / Factory:
Jl. K.L. Yos Sudarso Km 10,5
Medan Industrial Estate
Medan 20242, Indonesia
Phone: (+6261) 685-0206, 685-0207
Fax: (+6261) 685-0208
Website: http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id
Western Australia Office:
1st Floor , 1 Howard Street
Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
Phone: (+618) 9335-3911
Fax: (+618) 9335-5811
Website: http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id
Pacific Region Office:
Unit 2-1 Sesame Court
Slacks Creek, QLD 4127, Australia
Phone: (+617) 3208-9012
Fax: (+617) 3290-1586
Website: http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id
Suzhou, China Region Office:
Room 607-608,Sovereign Building,
No.8 Suhua Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,
China, 215021
Phone.: (+86 512) 6272-5936 , 6272-5936
Fax: (+86 512) 6272-5939
Website: http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id
South Africa Region Office:
Phone: (+27)12 259-0252
Fax: (+27) 12 349-8292
Mobile: (+27) 82 050-0901
Website: http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id
Chile & Peru ,South America Region:
Mobile: (+56) 99 767-1660
Website: http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id

Quality Is Our Frontline

PT. Growth Asia is an iron and steel foundry well known in local and overseas markets. The Foundry Division is part of the GROWTH STEEL GROUP which was established in the late sixties. The plant is located in the Medan Industrial Estate, Indonesia, close to the air and sea ports of Polonia and Belawan.

PT. Growth Asia is equipped with the latest technology applied to the iron and steel foundry. Spectrometer, universal testing machines, hardness testers, ultrasonic flaw detectors and a large heat treatment plant is available on site. Since 1989, PT. Growth Asia has captured domestic and world markets as a reliableand consistent producer supplying of high quality ferrous casting products.

PT. Growth Asia, with a tradition for sound management practices, is committed to ongoing research, development and technological progress. A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians are at hand to ensure clients specific requirements in terms of quality and competitive pricing are met. All products are manufactured in accordance with American Standards, Australian Standards and equivalent international standards.

PT. Growth Asia has achieved an International Standard for Quality Management System (QMS). With ISO 9001: 2008 compliance, PT. Growth Asia's commitment to the best quality system is paramount.

PT. Growth Asia‘s vision to be an industry leader in supplying quality castings and customer service to the global market.

Mill Liner Wear Parts
  1. Material Toughness and high wear resistance
  2. High quality castings; produced to specifications
  3. Guaranteed Liner Fitment
  4. Mill change-out time minimized
Product Applications:
  • AG Mill Liner
  • BALL Mill Liner
  • ROD Mill Liner
  • SAG Mill Liner
  • Cr-Mo Steel
  • Hi-Cr Iron
Crusher Spare Parts
  1. Wide range of material choices to match customer requirements
  2. Material composition designed for maximum wear-life
  • Mining
  • Quarry

Product Applications:
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Cone Crusher
  • 11.0% - 22.0% Manganese Grades
Cement and Power Plant Products
  • Cement
  • Power
Product Applications:
  • Table Liners
  • Grinding Roll
  • Ni-Hard
  • White Iron
For more information, please visit http://www.ptgrowthasia.co.id or email to:
Address: Head Office / Factory
Jln. K.L. Yos Sudarso Km 10,5
Medan Industrial Estate - 20242
Medan, North Sumatra
View Supplier's Full Contact Information
Phone: +62 61 685-0206, 685-0207
Fax: +62 61 685 0208
Contact: Caterin Widjaja, President Director Email
Handono Rustam Email

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Equipment - Crushing & Conveying - Crushers, Equipment - Mineral Processing - Grinding Mills, Equipment - Other - Forging & Equipment, Supplies & Consumables - Excavation & Loading - Parts - New and Used, Supplies & Consumables - Excavation & Loading - Wear Parts, Supplies & Consumables - Mineral Processing - Liners, Supplies & Consumables - Other - Castings

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AG Mill Liner, BALL Mill Liner, Chute Liner, Cone Crusher, Crushers, Feed Chute Liner, Feed Spout, Grinding Mill Liners, Iron Castings, Jaw Crusher, Mantle, Ore Bin Liner, SAG Mill Liner, Steel Castings, Table Liners

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