HBS Equipment Corporation

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AG 150D and 150S, AMP-HR Meter Model 800AH, Analog Ammeter and Voltmeter, AG 3, AG 300D and 300S, Agitators, Anodes and Bags, Anodizing Assembly, Cathode Dummies, Chokes, Coatalytes, Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter - Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter, Diodes and SCR's, Electro Winning Cell, Exhaust hoods, Filters and Filter Chambers, Heating and Cooling Coils, Horizontal and Vertical Pumps, Immersion Heaters and Coils, L-Shapes Heaters, Lab Hood, LT109 Portable Power Supply, Metal Heaters, Meters and Timers, Plating Facility, Portable Carbon Treatment Portable Carbon Treatment, Power Supplies, Process Tanks, Pumps and Filter Chambers, Quartz Heaters, Rollers, Screw-in Heaters, Sensors, Shunt, Sold State SC and SCC Series, Solid State Digital Timer Solid State Digital Timer, Spray Rinse Tank, Stand Alone AMP-hr/min Meter with Totalizer, Steel and Stainless Steel Tanks Steel and Stainless Steel Tanks, Tank Assemblies, Tanks and Hoods, Tanks Molded Polyethlene, Tanks Polypro, Tanks PVC, TDA Series Power Supply, Teflon Heaters, Titanium Anode Baskets, Transformers and Variable Transformers, VAG3 and VAG12 Variable Speed, Variable Transformer L and M Series

Categories of Goods and Services Provided