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Abandoned Mine Land Mapping, Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) Investigations, Acid Rock Drainage Mapping, Archeological, Cap Integrity Monitoring, Contaminant Source Identification, Dam Leak Detection, Environmental, Geological Interpretation, Geotechnical, Geotechnical Geophysical Surveys, Geotection-180, Groundwater, Grout Curtain Installation Monitoring, High Resolution Resistivity HRR™, In-Situ Leaching, Leak Detection, Leak Detection & Monitoring (LDM) Systems, Lined Pond Leak Detection, Liner Integrity, Mine Heap Leach Pad Leak Detection, Mineral Resource Mapping, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pond Leak Location, Precious and Base Metals, Recharge Sources, Residual Potential Mapping RPM™, Secondary Recovery Monitoring, Site Clearance, Structural Mapping

Categories of Goods and Services Provided