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Hayward Flow Control, a division of Hayward Industries, is a leading US manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic valves, actuation and controls, instrumentation, filters, strainers, corrosion resistant pumps, bulkhead fittings and tank accessories for use in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing & transfer, chemical feed, aquatic/animal life support systems and general processing systems. Hayward's thermoplastic flow control products can accommodate aggressive and corrosive environments, delicate ecosystems or the strictest chemical balances to keep water and life working together.

Hayward has solutions ready for the demanding needs of mineral extraction. Hayward Flow Control Products and Solutions are designed and suitable for use in key piping systems and applications such as electro–winning solutions, chemical handling, production and distribution, mineral extraction, water treatment, transmission and disposal. Hayward Flow Control products carry an industry leading, full two–year warranty. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we strive for the highest quality product possible for use in a wide range of demanding applications.

Full range of thermoplastic ball valves in PVC, CPVC and GFPP materials from sizes 1/2" – 6". Features True‐Union design with Socket, Threaded, Fusion or Flanged end connectors. "Z" Series version with drilled ball design ideal for Sodium Hypochlorite applications in PVC and CPVC, as well as Profile2™ for Proportional control requirements. Also includes 3‐way Horizontal and Lateral ball valves in PVC and CPVC from 1/2" – 6".

All valves designed for easy actuation. Pressure rating of 250psi/150psi at 70°F non‐shock up through 6".

  • Full Port Design
  • Reversible PTFE Seats
  • Double O−ring Stem Seals
  • Available with Pneumatic or Electric Actuation

A corrosion resistant alternative to Industrial metal valves, Hayward offers butterfly valves in PVC, CPVC or GFPP materials, sizes 2"– 24".

Available with Hand Lever, Gear Box or with Actuation. Pressure rating of 150psi at 70°F non‐shock up through 12".

  • Choice of Viton®, EPDM and Nitrile Liners
  • 316SS or 410SS Stem Material
  • Available in ANSI Class150 or PN10 Flange Patterns
  • Available with Pneumatic or Electric Actuation
  • Complies to ISO5752 Face to Face in Sizes DN50– DN300

Complete range in PVC, CPVC, PP and GFPP materials with EPDM or FPM seals.

The Hayward range includes ball and Y‐pattern, Wafer and Full Pattern Wafer and Swing check designs up to 12".

All check valves through 8" are pressure rated for 150psi at 70°F non‐shock.

  • Socket, Threaded and Flanged Ends for Ball and Y−Checks
  • PN10 / ANSI150 Flanged Ends for Swing and Wafer Check Valves
  • Spring Return Options
  • Lightweight Design

Hayward’s industry‐leading range of rugged electric and pneumatic actuators for quarter turn valves from 60 in‐lbs to 13,500 in‐lbs torque.

Ideal for all Hayward valves from 1/2" through 24".

Double acting and spring return designs for pneumatic actuators as well as spring return and battery back‐ups for electric actuators.

  • Housings in GFPP, Polyamide and Epoxy Coated Cast Aluminum
  • Multiple Voltages for Electrical Actuators Available
  • ISO5211 Mounting Pattern on all Actuators
  • Large range of options and accessories

Specialty thermoplastic control valves, including diaphragm, pressure relief, pressure regulating, needle, labcock and angle valves. Ideal for controlling or regulating flow when it counts. Available in multiple materials and sizes through 4".

  • Diaphragm Valves in PVC, CPVC, PP and PVDF. Sizes Up through 6"
  • Pressure Regulator, Relief and Angle Valves Available in PVC and CPVC Up through 4"
  • Available with EPDM, FPM or PTFE Seals or Diaphragms
  • Threaded, Socket or Flanged End Connections. True Union Connections on Specific Product Lines

Liquid Level, Flow and Analytical products measure and control wide ranging Industrial processes.

  • HLS Series Level Sensors made with CPVC housing with Al2O3 (Alumina) sensing diaphragm
  • HLST Series Indicating Level Transmitter with dual channel input and display
  • HEX800 Series Flowmeter has no moving parts, which provides high reliability
  • HMC Series Analytical Indicating Transmitter, Flow, pH/ORP and conductivity models available
  • Electrodes in pH or ORP with 10 ft wire, 3/4" MPNT connection
  • Pressure Gauges in All Thermoplastic Construction, with Digital and Analog Displays, as well as Alarm and Continuous Reading Capability

The industry leader for thermoplastic Basket and Y‐strainers, Hayward’s Basket Strainers range covers sizes 1/2" – 8" in PVC and CPVC and through 4" in GFPP and Eastar®.

Available with True‐Union Socket, Threaded, Fusion or Flanged ends. Hayward’s Y‐Strainers are available from 1/2" – 4" in PVC or CPVC with socket and threaded ends through 4", and flanged in 2" – 4" sizes. All strainers have a pressure rating of 10 Bar at 23°C non‐shock.

  • Available with EPDM or FPM Seals
  • Stainless Steel 316, Monel and Hastelloy® Screens and Baskets Optional
  • Hand‐Removable Cover with Liquid Displacement for Basket Strainers
  • Available in Duplex Configurations for Basket Strainers

Thermoplastic Single and Double length bag and cartridge filters for superior corrosion resistance and performance. Available in GFPP, PVC and CPVC materials with True‐Union Socket, Threaded, Fusion or Flanged connections. Rated up to 150 GPM flow rates, with a pressure rating of 150psi at 70°F non‐shock for size 1 and size 2 bags.

  • Hand‐Removable Cover Design with Liquid Displacement Dome
  • Threaded, Socket, Fusion and Flanged Connections, Sizes 1‐1/4" – 4"
  • Available in Simplex, Duplex, Triplex or Quadplex Configurations
  • Complete Range of Filter Bags from 1μm to 800μm

The Z Series Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pumps brings simplicity to your metering pump needs in all aspects of design, function and performance. The Z Series features only one design configuration for all sizes. Front facing controls, tubing and wiring connections allow for easy and flexible installation.

  • Analog and Digital Interface
  • Three Pump Sizes Cover 1 To 29 GPH
  • Standard One Piece Molded PVDF Pump Head
  • Injection Molded PTFE Diaphragm Standard
  • NEMA 4X Design / IP65 Rated

Heavy Duty, Vertical Seal‐Less, Centrifugal and Magnetic Drive Pumps made from CPVC, PP, GFPP and PVDF. High corrosion resistance due to thermoplastic construction with no metal contact with process fluids. Ideal for corrosive medias and high temperature applications. Available in 1/8hp through 5hp sizes.

  • Low Friction Operation
  • No Seals to Leak or Replace
  • Impeller Trim Variations
  • Pulsation dampeners for reciprocating pump applications
  • Wash‐Down Explosion‐Proof Motors Available

The industry‐leading range of corrosion resistant Bulkhead Fittings from 1/2" to 6" in short or long pattern. Now featuring Tank‐Tite™ Compression Spring Pack to prevent tank seepage. Other Tank Accessories include Self Aligning Bulkhead Fittings, Air Release Valves, Vacuum Breakers, Ready‐Flanges and Gauge Guards. Bulkhead Fittings pressure rated for 150psi at 70°F non‐shock.

  • PVC, CPVC, GFPP and PP Materials
  • Left Hand Full Buttress Threads
  • FPM and EPDM Gasket Seals

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Why Settle For Metal? Get the advantages of Hayward’s industry‐leading thermoplastic Flow Control Products and Solutions!
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