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Borehole Surveying + Geophysical Logging + Directional Drilling

Reduce Mining Costs & Exploration Risks

IDS brings reliable measurement, precise analysis and accurate borehole targeting to complex drilling programs. We specialize in Borehole Gyro Surveying, Directional Drilling and Geophysical and Hydrophysical Logging solutions that utilize proven technology and global experience for Mining, Water, Civil and Energy projects.

  • Precise & Targeted Borehole Investigation
  • Latest in Gyro Surveying Techniques and Technology
  • Cost Effective, Precision Directional Drilling
  • Reduce Number of Monitoring Wells
  • International Service

Project Profile: Cigar Lake - Cameco
Saskatchewan, Canada

The Cigar Lake project is the world's largest undeveloped high-grade uranium deposit. Due to excessive flooding and poor ground conditions on the Cigar Lake mine site, the uranium ore body needed to be frozen before mining could begin. IDS provided freeze ring directional drilling & gyro… Learn More

Address:USA Headquarters,
12030 East Riggs Road
Chandler, Arizona
United States, 85249
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Phone:+1 480 824-7100

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Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Borehole Survey Equipment, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Diamond Drilling, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Directional Drilling Equipment, Equipment - Drilling & Blasting - Production Drilling, Support Services - Other - Surveys/Surveying

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Accu-Multishot 1.750"/4.46cm O.D. Multi-Shot Survey Kit, Accu-View Borehole Video Camera, Borehole Locating and Surface Tracking System, Bullnose Directional Core Bits, Directional Drill Bits, Directional Drill Motors, Directional Drilling, Directional Software, Downhole Auxillary Tools, Electronic Single & Multi-Shot Survey Systems, Electronic Single & Multi-Shot Survey Systems, Non-Magnetic Survey Wireline Rods Copper Beryllium, Photo Gyro Guidance System, Single Conductor Electric Powered Wireline Hoists, Surface Recording Gyro Guidance System