IDS Corporation

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Bedrock and Lithological Profiling, Bedrock Configuration, Borehole Investigations, Continuous (24x7) & Remote Monitoring of Mine Wall Movements, Detection of Objects Behind Walls, EM Design Optimization, FPM360, Fracture Characterization, Geology and Environment Products, GeoRadar, Geotechnical Risk Management, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Ground Water Profiling, IBIS-FL, IBIS-FM, IBIS-FMT, IDS for Mining, Interferometric Radar, Location of Groundwater Surface, Mapping, Mapping of Long Term Evolution of Slow Moving Slopes, Measurement, Mine Wall Movement Forecast, Monitoring of Structural and Ground Movements and Vibrations, Monitoring Terrain Movements and Vibrations, Radar Antennas, Radar Systems and Sensors, Reliable Early Warning, Remote Monitoring, RIS One, RIS Plus, SAR Radar, Slope Monitoring, Slope Monitoring Radar, Stream X, Subsurface Investigation, Through Wall Radar Technologies, Underground Tunnel Condition Assessment

Categories of Goods and Services Provided