IFM Efector Pty Ltd

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3D Image Sensor, AS-i System, Cable Assemblies, Capacitive Sensors, Continuous and Point Level Sensors, Cylinder Position, Cylinder Sensors, Diagnostic Systems, Distance Measurement, Fiber Optics, Flow, Flow Sensors and Transmitters, Fluid Sensors, Identification Products, Inductive, Inductive Safety, Inspection Sensor, Intelligent Sensors, Laser Sensors, Level, Light Curtains, Magnetic, Mobile Systems, Monitoring, Multi-Code Reader, Networking and Controls, Object Evaluation Systems, Photoelectric Sensors, Photoelectrics, Pressure, Pressure and Vacuum Sensors, Proximity Sensors, RFID, Rising Stem, Safety Connection Technology, Speed Monitors, Temperature, Temperature Sensors and RTD probes, Vibration

Categories of Goods and Services Provided