Inproheat Industries Ltd.

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Aluminum, Aluminum Alloyed Primary Ingot, Aluminum Primary Ingot, Basic (MgO) Refractory Bricks, Bath Heaters, Binder Systems, Blankets, Boards, Brass & Bronze Primary Ingot, Bulk Fibres, Castables, Castables & Insulating Bricks, Centrifugal Pumps, Ceramic Fibre Products, Ceramic Filters, Convection Heaters, Crucibles, Crushers, Direct Steam Injection Heaters, Duct Burners, Engineered Ceramic Materials, Extruded & Machined Graphite Products, Foundry Chemicals, Foundry Equipment, Foundry Ladles & Hot Metal Handling Equipment, Foundry Metal Filters, Foundry Products, Foundry Sands, Gas & Electric Furnaces, Gunning Mixes, Hammer Mills, Heap Leach Solution Heating, Heat Exchangers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, High Pressure Centrifugal Feed Pumps, Hot Topping, Impact Crushers, Induction Melting Equipment, Industrial Process Liquid Heating, Iron Oxide, K-Fac 19 Insulating Board, Low NOx Burners & Combustion Equipment, Lubricants, Magnesite, Metallic Abrasives, Metallurgical Graphite, Metallurgical Silicon Carbide, Metallurgical Silicon Carbide, Minimum Flow Recirculation Valves for Boilers, Molten Metal Sensing Technologies for Foundry, Mortars, Plastics, Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, Porous Media, Process & Waste Incinerators, Pulverisers, Ramming Mixes, Refractory & Silicon Carbide Products, Refractory Anchors & Hardware, Releases, Resins for Tooling & Production, Riser Sleeves, Roll Crushers, Scanners & Igniters for OTSG’s & Boilers, Scrap Pre-Heaters, Secondary Aluminum Ingot, Semi-Dry Scrubbing, Shot & Grit Products, Shot-Blast & Peening Parts, Shot-Blasting Equipment, Slurry Heating, SO2 Scrubbing, Specialty Ceramic Shapes, Stainless Steel, Steam Injection Process Heaters, Steel & Non-Ferrous Industries, Submerged Combustion System Direct Contact Solution Heating, Technisand, Thermal Oil Liquid Heaters, Thermal Oxidizers, Tubes & Elbows, Vacuum-Formed Shapes, Washes, Washes, Wedron Sand, Welded Plate Heat Exchangers, Wet Electrostatic Precipitators, Wet Scrubbing, Zinc

Categories of Goods and Services Provided