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Split Set® (Split set) friction rock stabilizers are used for underground or surface support in many applications:

Underground Mine Roof Support & Mine Roof Bolting

Every kind of underground mine uses Split Set® friction rock bolts for mining and ground support. Miners use them for mine roof bolting and mine roof support as well as to pin mesh, hang conveyors, hold pipes, and cables, secure rails in place, and for other needs.

Ground Support for Tunnels and Other Excavations

Split Set® stabilizers have solved many problems for contractors in construction and in maintaining railway and road tunnels, hydropower tunnels, powerhouse and storage caverns, shafts, water and sewage tunnels, and others.

Advantages of Using the Split Set ® Friction Rock Stabilizer System
  • Fast, easy installation . reduces bolting costs
  • Yieldable support
  • Immediate support
  • Maintains support even if bearing plate is knocked off
  • Proved by millions of installations
  • No mixing, no pressurizing
  • Visual inspection
  • Maintains plate pressure
  • No special equipment needed
  • No torquing or retorquing
  • Loads rock in compression
  • Grip increases with rock shifts
  • Active axial and radial support
  • Minimal stress concentration
  • Simple design
  • Plain, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Effective at any angle
  • Won.t overstress hole
  • Technical assistance by experienced personnel
  • Easier mesh installation
  • One worldwide standard of quality
  • No shelf life limits

Our friction rock stabilization system will save you money on labor, materials and maintenance.

Address:Split Set Division,
P.O. Box 5426
Deptford, New Jersey
United States, 08096
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Phone:+1 888 561 4200
Fax:+1 503 698 4747

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