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K D Jones Instrument Corporation

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14 Hz vertical geophones, 8 Hz horizontal geophones, AGI EArthimager 2D software for resistivity inversion, AGI Sting R1 IP: 4 Electrodes, AGI Sting R1 IP: Cables, AGI SuperSting Earth Reisistivity Meter, AGI SuperSting R8/IP, AGI Switch Box R8./84, EKKO_MAPPER Software for Noggin system, Electromagnetic Instruments, EM61 GPS antenna mount, Geometrics G-856AX Proton Magnetometers, Geometrics Geode Model G-24, Geometrics Model G-858 Magnetometer - Single Sensor, Geometrics Model G-858G Gradiometer - Two Sensors, Geometrics SmartSeis Model S-24, Geonics EM31-MK1: Without Digital Recorder, Geonics EM31-MK2 includes digital recorder, Geonics EM31-MK2-SH includes digital recorder, Geonics EM38 RT without digital recorder, Geonics EM61-MK2 Includes: 1 x .5 Meter Coils, Geonics EM61-MK2 Includes: Hand Held Coils, Geonics EM61-MK2: Includes Digital Recorder, Geophone Spread Cable: 12 WW TKO @ 10 ft., Geophone Spread Cable: 12 WW TKO @ 20 ft., Geophysical Instruments, Geostuff Land Streamer, Geostuff Triaxial Borehole Geophone with control box, Global Positioning Systems, Ground Penetrating Radar, Ground Resistivity Meters, Hemisphere A100 DGPS receiver, Juniper Systems Allegro: Includes Cables & Charger, Juniper Systems TK 6000: Includes Cables & Charger, Magnetometers, Navigation Software, Nogginplus 1000 Antenna, Nogginplus 250 Antenna, Nogginplus 500 Antenna, Novatel Smart-V1 DGPS receiver with Omnistar, Passive electrical resistivity imaging cable, Pipe and Cable Locators, Schonstedt GA-52CX fluxgate magnetometer, Schonstedt GA-72CD fluxgate magnetometer, Seismographs, Sensors & Software Smart Tow with DVL, Sensors & Software SmartCart with Digital Video Logger (DVL), Sensors & Software SmartHandle with DVL, Software, Subsurface Instruments borehole gradiometer, Subsurface Instruments ML-1M - Fluxgate Magnetometer, Subsurface Instruments ML-2 (UXO only) fluxgate magnetometer, Subsurface Instruments PL-2000; multi-frequencey pipe and cable locator, Trimble agGPS 114 DGPS receiver with Omnistar

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