Kopper Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

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Mextral 204P, Mextral 272P, Mextral 5050H, Mextral 507P, Mextral 54-100, Mextral 5510H, Mextral 5520H, Mextral 5530H, Mextral 5640H, Mextral 5774H, Mextral 5910H, Mextral 612H, Mextral 622H, Mextral 84H, Mextral 860H, Mextral 973H, Mextral 984H, Mextral Clx50, Mextral DT100 Diluent, Mextral series solvent extraction reagents, Mining Hydrometallurgy Products

Categories of Goods and Services Provided