Legacy Building Solutions, Inc.

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Product/Service List

Architectural Membranes, Break Bulk Storage, Building, Buildings and Structures, Bulk Storage, Clear Span Buildings, Cold Storage Warehousing, Connecting Corridors, Covers, Crane, Custom Buildings, Customized Building Solutions, Customized Fabric Structures, Customized Structures, Enclosures, Engineered, Engineered Building, Engineered Buildings, Equipment Storage, Fabric Buildings, Fabric Structures, Facilities, Facility, Industrial Buildings, Insulated Buildings, Insulated Cross Sections, Iron-Ore and Coal Storage, Legacy Building, Legacy Buildings, Liftable Buildings, Maintenance, Maintenance Facilities, Materials Storage, Membrane Structures, Metal, Moveable, Ore Storage, Palletized Storage, Portable Buildings, Portable Structures for Directional Drilling, Process and Bulk Storage, Relocatable Buildings, Relocatable Structures, Remote Mine Site Shops, Safety Meeting Facilities, Shelter, Shelters, Shelters, Staging Facilities, Steel Frame Buildings, Structure, Structures, Temporary Buildings, Temporary Structures, Tension Fabric Buildings, Tension Fabric Structures, Tent, Tents, Transfer Storage Facilities, Vehicle Maintenance, Ventilators & Framed Openings, Warehouses, Warehouses for Environmentally Sensitive Materials and Explosives, Warehousing, Winch House, Workshops

Categories of Goods and Services Provided