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MWH provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, construction, construction quality assurance and program management services related to water, environmental, natural resources and infrastructure projects. We have the practices in place to facilitate the safest working environment for our staff, clients and other project participants.

MWH is the world's leading water focused consultancy to the mining industry. We are experienced in all aspects of water supply, management and treatment as well as environmental compliance and reclamation programs. We provide a wide range of services that
include these primary service offerings:

  • Civil and geotechnical engineering, design of tailing facilities, leach pads, dams and other water-related mine facilities/infrastructure
  • Mine hydrology, hydrogeology and geochemistry
  • Water supply, management and treatment
  • Environmental permitting and compliance support
  • Hydropower and energy
  • Mine reclamation and remediation

MWH brings projects to successful completion with effective cost, schedule and quality control systems that meet our clients' demanding requirements and stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

MWH Global Resources and Offices

Clients can access MWH through our local offices with assurance of globally networked expertise and consistent work products. As a privately held, employee-owned company, MWH has more than 7,500 employees empowered to serve as client advocates and provide the most responsive service possible.

Primary Service Lines

MWH brings value to mining clients throughout the mine lifecycle with services to support new mine development, mine expansion, closure and remediation. By partnering with the industry, MWH supports clients in meeting their development, production and effi ciency targets. In addition, MWH is committed to helping clients meet their goals in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner and brings experience and practical solutions to the complex engineering and water-related issues that mine operators face.

Our capabilities include:



Address: MWH Global
1560 Broadway, 18th Floor
Denver, Colorado
United States, 80202
View Supplier's Full Contact Information
Phone: +1 303 291 2222
Fax: +1 303 291 2221
Contact: Andrew Watson, VP Natural Resources Email

Categories of Goods and Services Provided

Consulting Services - Environment & People - Acid Mine Drainage, Consulting Services - Environment & People - Environmental Consulting, Consulting Services - Environment & People - Remediation, Consulting Services - Geotechnics - Geotechnical Engineering, Consulting Services - Mine Planning - Design

List of Catalogs

Product/Service List
Acid rock drainage (ARD) prediction, monitoring and management, Agronomic evaluation and site characterization, Air quality Modeling, Alternative disposal technologies, Audits, Buildings and mechanical systems, Closure Planning, Compliance and due diligence audits, Compliance Assessments Monitoring, Concept Studies, Construction quality assurance and reporting, Cover and liner systems, Dam rehabilitation, Dam safety services, Dams and reservoirs, Decision Analysis, Demolition and decommissioning, Dewatering evaluations, Dewatering, impact prediction and management, Due Diligence Investigations, Ecological Assessments and Modeling, Ecological baseline and impact studies, Ecological monitoring, Ecological restoration, Ecological toxicology and risk assessments, Electrical engineering, instruments & controls and SCADA systems, Engineered risk assessments, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management System, Environmental management systems (ISO 14001 compliant), Environmental monitoring and reporting, Environmental plan preparation (water/air/waste), Erosion and sediment control, Fate and transport modeling and studies, Feasibility and treatability studies, Feasibility studies, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing Civil and Geotechnical Infrastructure Development, Fisheries and fish passages, Foundation designs, Geochemical fixation, Geochemical modeling, Groundwater and surface water characterization, Groundwater contaminant modeling, Groundwater, soil and sediment remediation, High voltage switchyards and distribution management, Human health and ecological risk assessments, Hydraulic/hydrologic modeling and structures, Hydro-geologic evaluations and groundwater modeling, Hydropower planning, Hydropower plants, In-situ and ex-situ treatment systems, Information and database development/management, Inlet/outlet structures, turbines and penstocks, Land and resource management, Leach pads, Leachability studies, Liners and covers, Managed aquifer recharge, Mine planning, Mine waste management and containment systems, Natural & biological resource management plans, Natural resource damage assessment support Hydrogeological, Geochemical and Water Quality Services, Operation & maintenance and monitoring, Operations and mine plans, Passive treatment systems, Permitting, Pit lake assessments Mine Waste Management, Reclamation and Closure, Ponds and impoundments, Post-closure planning and redevelopment, Potential failure modes analysis, Pumping, storage and pipeline transmission systems Hydropower and Energy, Quality Management System, Reclamation and closure plans, Reclamation and landfill engineering, Regulatory negotiations, expert testimony, stakeholder involvement Mine Water Supply, Management and Treatment, Remedial alternatives analysis, Remediation Planning Permitting, Remediation system design and construction, Resource Estimation, Resource recovery, Revegetation planning, Risk Assessments, Risk-based and natural attenuation approaches, Roads, bridges and utilities Ecological Services and Natural Resource Management, Seismic evaluations, Site Characterization/Investigations, Site evaluations, Site monitoring and reporting Contaminated Site Remediation, Slope depressurization and dewatering measures, Stability Evaluations, Stockpiles, Storm water management, Surface and subsurface site investigations, Tailings storage facilities, dams and ancillary structures, Terrestrial and aquatic resources, Threatened and endangered species assessments and mitigation, Tunnels, channels and diversion/conveyance systems, Vegetation and hydrologic interactions, Waste minimization and source reduction, Water and wastewater active/passive treatment, Water balance studies, Water Balances, Water diversion and flood control, Water quality monitoring and evaluations, Water resource evaluation, development, storage and supply, Water/Slurry Management, Watershed/aquifer catchment-based management and restoration, Well field design, Wetlands delineation, management and mitigation