McClelland Laboratories, Inc.

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Agglomeration Optimization, Bio-Mass Substrate Evaluations for Passive Wastewater Treatment, Bulk Density Determinations, Carbon Adsorption Capacity & Adsorption Rate Tests, CIC for Heap Leach Process Option, CIL for Milling Process Option, CIP for Milling Process Option, Constituent Mobility Potential Tests, Cyanide neutralization Tests, Environmental Consulting, Flotation Beneficiation, Geotechnical Consulting, Gravity Concentration Testing, Head and Tail Screen Analysis, Heap Leach Crush Size Optimization, Heap Leach Cyanidation Tests, Heap Leach Process Option on Drill Cuttings and/or Crushed Core or Bulk Ore Samples, Heap Neutralization Rinse Down Tests, Infiltration Pond Soils (Solids) Attenuation/Mobilization Tests, Metallurgical Consulting, Milling Process Option, Oxide Copper Leaching, Permitting, Pit Water Quality Studies, Potential for Acid Rock Drainage Tests, Preliminary Cyanidation Tests, Soils Attenuation Tests for Land Application of Wastewater, Tailings Impoundment Characterization Studies, Water Balance

Categories of Goods and Services Provided