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With more than forty year’s experience and repair systems installed across the world, Monaflex is the industry leader in providing easily portable equipment for the repair and hot vulcanization of damage in all tyres, from the largest OTR earthmovers to the smallest truck.

This tried and tested technology has been used to develop a NEW ultra lightweight, rapid repair system for Conveyor Belts.
The Monaflex system uses simultaneous heat and pressure to provide a perfectly moulded repair that is the strongest in the industry.

  • Faster repairs
  • A portable system
  • Higher quality, longer-lasting repairs
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Ease of use

The Conveyor Repair System (CRS) is the super tough, yet lightweight system for the repair of all textile and steel cord conveyor belts on the market today. Specifically targeting rapid and simple deployment, the components have been designed with ease and speed of use as a priority.

The heavy, cumbersome components of older technology are replaced with super lightweight elements and even the largest system can be transported easily in a work vehicle.

Superior quality components result in a durable system and the use of a dramatically lower PSI reduces energy costs and means smaller cheaper and/ or more portable energy sources can be utilized.

The system is suitable for all rubber belt types and belt areas: textile and steel cord belts; all belt thicknesses (no fiddly adjustments required); and all injuries: Edge, Spot, Splice and Splits.

The Monaflex OTR Custom System is the super tough, yet lightweight customizable system for the repair of all OTR tryes on the market today. Doing away with traditional heavy weight machinery, the Monaflex system uses lightweight inflatable airbags to conform to the complex shape of the tyre and provide perfect contouring pressure across the repair area. Two flexible heat pads provide the necessary heat for vulcanization. This straightforward setup provides a distortion free, long lasting repair every time.

Monaflex systems can repair Radial and Bias tyres and cover injuries to the Sidewall, Shoulder and Crown.

As with all Monaflex systems little training is required, the system comprises of minimal components and a user friendly, quick to assemble design.

The OTRS provides the same superior inflation technology used in the standard system but incorporated into a quick assembly housing, perfect for use in places where there is a high volume of Sidewall injuries.

Designed for rapid assembly on the tyre in minutes by one technician, the system breaks into two parts. The inner frame is simply dropped into the tyre section and positioned with the Heat Pad over the repair area. Taking the outside frame component, the guide bars are pushed into place and locked off with the pins. The system is then pressurized, bought up to operating temperature and the timer set for the cure to take place.

The XLOTRS system is also available and provides the same rapid repair solution but for giant earthmover tyres up to 59/80R63.

Many costly earthmover tyres are scrapped due to minor damage in the Bead area. The solution is Monaflex’s XL Bread Repair System (XLBRS), the only system that can conform to the complex profile of the Radial Bead area. The inflatable airbags used throughout the Monaflex range conform perfectly to the Bead and also provide the necessary pressure to facilitate the vulcanizing process. Two heat pads, one directly on the Bead and the other wrapping around the area provide the required temperature.

The TRDD provides a scaled down version of the successful OTR Custom System for those looking for the same high strength, top quality repairs for their truck tyres. This system is customizable with an optional OTR extension for those wishing to span both ranges. As with all Monaflex systems, little training is required, the system is compact and easy to transport and the simultaneous use of internal and external vulcanization results in quicker repairs. The system also allows the use of cloth back patches which provide the strongest repair, a lower cost and unlimited shelf life.

The system repairs Radial and Bias tyres and covers Sidewall, Shoulder and Crown injuries. Specialist Bead and Sidewall systems are also available for those experiencing high volumes of those injuries.

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