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For more than 60 years, NETZSCH has manufactured positive displacement pumps worldwide.

Designed specifically for difficult pumping situations, NETZSCH pumps range in size from the industry’s smallest metering pumps to high volume pumps for applications in the oil and gas or mining industries.

With a production of over 50,000 pumps per year NETZSCH underlines the technology and market leadership, which it has gained thanks to the quality of the pumps and spare parts. It is guaranteed by the core competence and vertical manufacturing which we have built up over the many decades. NETZSCH has been supplying worldwide NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NOTOS multi screw pumps, macerators/grinders, dosing technology and equipment for custom built and challenging solutions for every applications.

NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pumps have a very broad application range and are used in all branches of industry for the continuous, pressure-stable, gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of almost any substance. One advantage for the operator is that such a valveless positive-displacement pump is also capable of transporting stringy material safely. Whether for slurry transfer including coal water, thickener underflow, dewatering, explosive dosing, back-filling, gland seal water, yellow cake, leachates, chemical dosing of all types and wastewater treatment, one of the pump types by NETZSCH in four rotor/stator geometries and a selection of engineered joints make sure to suit your application. Contact us and we will be happy to help you select the perfect one!

NETZSCH TORNADO® industrial rotary lobe pumps are very versatile stand-alone equipment. They are used primarily in environmental technology and the chemical industry for continuous and gentle conveyance of almost any substance while dosing in proportion to rotation speed. Their low space requirements and high power density are some of their most important advantages, which make then also to an attractive choice for many applications in mining.


Positive displacement pumps from NETZSCH have been used for more than six decades to guarantee process reliability in the demanding field of mining. A great variety of media must be conveyed in mining, including wastewater, mineral slurries, suspensions, filtrates, tailing and explosives. Since NEMO® progressing cavity pumps are perfectly suited to the transport of abrasive and viscous substances, challenging media such as these present no problem. With NEMO® progressing cavity pumps and NETZSCH TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NETZSCH offers the best engineered solution for your application and ensures dependable, efficient operation.

NETZSCH Pumps and Systems offer two different technologies for mining industry: NEMO® progressing cavity pumps and TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps.

Both types of pumps can be successfully applied in difficult mining conditions. However, NEMO® and TORNADO® pumps have their unique features and are not always replaceable.


  • Reduce wear costs
  • Ability to pump slurries even with high solids content
  • Transport very abrasive, dense and viscous media
  • Conveying of aggressive media
  • Save time and money on maintenance

Applications in Mining

  • Mineral Slurry Transfer of All Types
  • Dewatering
  • Explosives
  • Back Filling Applications
  • Gland Seal Water
  • Chemical Dosing
  • Leachates
  • Thickener Underflow Pumps
  • Yellow Cake
  • Wastewater Processing

NETZSCH offers both pump systems: Progressing Cavity and Rotary Lobe Pumps

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