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Norseman Structures provides a strong alternative building solution for mine engineers, project developers and site and process managers for various building needs on site. Norseman Structures clear-span building solutions offer a vast amount of open space for mine site operations. The column / support free interior of a Norseman building provides flexibility to maximize storage space, based on individual site needs and allows operators to maneuver equipment without difficulty. Overhead doors, lighting, insulation, HVAC, flooring and optional liners can be added to most Norseman buildings.

The unique design of a Norseman Structures building can serve many functions on-site, in comparison to a single-purpose building. Our buildings are ideal for:

  • Raw material storage
  • Process and package operations
  • Workshops, garages and maintenance
  • Equipment, concentrate and bulk storage
  • Weather protection
  • Use as permanent or temporary facilities
  • Exploration
  • Staging and warehousing

Norseman Structures has a full line of standard products and the ability to design and manufacture a custom structure to meet unique building needs, including changing site requirements. For example, large door openings, side access, conveyors or attachments to existing buildings can all be addressed with a custom designed building solution. Structures can be built in a fraction of the time needed for traditional buildings and can be relocated or extended at any time.

Built for long-term durability, these buildings are virtually worry-free, easy to maintain and can be more cost effective than conventional construction. Norseman Structures buildings are supported with a 10 or 15 year pro rata warranty and a professional service team. Buildings are designed to meet or exceed building codes and take into consideration upcoming industry requirements. All building designs are reviewed by third-party engineers and rigorously tested to ensure the quality and structural integrity of every building.

From project concept to completion, Norseman Structures is committed to a quality product, excellent value and superior service in the design, fabrication and installation of steel framed, fabric covered buildings. Norseman Structures operates over 200,000 square feet of quality controlled manufacturing space and, combined with an extensive distribution network and corporate offices, is driven to be an industry leader for innovative building design and the standard for uncompromised safety and quality. Norseman Structures has an international distribution and service network in Canada, the United States and Europe, with the ability to also distribute products throughout Africa, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia.

For more information on Norseman Structures, please visit www.norsemanstructures.com. Norseman Structures - Fiercely Reliable Since 1921.

Norseman Structures Commercial Building Line: T-Series - 40' to 80'

The T-Series Commercial building is designed for strength and durability, making it a perfect fit for industrial applications. The high side wall design allows for a significant use of floor space, giving customers exceptional storage capacity and the modular design allows users to extend the building at any time to meet changing needs. Although designed for permanent use, the T-Series building can also be moved and reassembled where needed most. The T-Series is available in widths from 40' to 80' and can be manufactured to any length.

The T-Series building uses the highest quality heavy gauge, square, steel tube steel in order to provide customers with a product unmatched in the industry. Known for its superior corrosion protection, the T-Series steel goes through a three step process starting with a layer of 99.99% pure zinc applied to the surface. This layer is then topped with a conversion coating, followed by a clear organic topcoat to seal the surface with a smooth finish. This triple layer provides a higher corrosion protection coating in comparison to a traditional single layer of zinc. This process also provides a high degree of weldability, allowing buildings to be constructed and shipped to site quickly.

Available options and accessories for the T-Series building include:

  • Custom color and trim options
  • Varied door options
  • Eaves and ridge vents
  • Liners
  • Insulation packages, ventilation systems, electrical, heating, air exchange units, electric louvers or fans

Norseman Structures Commercial Building Line: F-Series - 70' to 130'

The Norseman Structures' F-Series Commercial building is the premier wide span engineered building solution for industrial operations. The F-Series building is designed for large scale operations requiring massive indoor space. The 18' high straight side wall design allows for side overhead door openings, metal cladding on end and side walls and the ability to store oversized items and materials against walls with maximum clearance. The F-Series is available in widths from 70' to 130' and can be manufactured to any length.

The F-Series building is manufactured using high strength galvanized steel, hot dipped in a bath of molten zinc. This galvanizing process creates a product that is highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free. Main structural support trusses connect to I-beam legs, creating a continuous support system from ground to peak.

Available options and accessories for the F-Series building include:

  • I-beam leg
  • Custom color and trim options
  • Varied door options
  • Liners
  • Insulation packages, ventilation systems, electrical, heating, air exchange units, electric louvers or fans

Commercial Building Line Foundation Options

The Norseman Structures' F-Series and T-Series building foundation options include, but are not limited to, concrete piles, concrete spread footings, poured in place concrete walls, precast concrete walls, precast concrete block and screw piles.

Norseman Structures High Performance Fabric Covers

The 12oz, 20mil high performance cover fabric is manufactured specifically for individual buildings. Norseman Structures utilizes a 12 oz/yd² high performance fabric with 4.0 mil coatings front and back. This high density polyethylene fabric consists of the scrim, which is the woven center providing the unmatched rip, tear and puncture strength customers ask for. The scrim is coated with a specialized 4 mil layer that provides protection against ultraviolet damage. The thick coatings provide increased protection against abrasion damage during fabrication, installation and everyday use.

Norseman Structures realizes every building serves a different purpose and every building has different aesthetic requirements; therefore, a large selection of standard building colors is available. This allows each building to be customized for unique customer requirements.

Norseman Structures offers Fire Retardant fabric covers (12oz, 23mil). The Fire Retardant fabric is manufactured to provide protection for valuable assets, while adhering to stringent building codes required for many projects. The self extinguishing properties of this fabric provides customers peace of mind knowing it will disintegrate in the presence of a flame, often eliminating the flame, instead of adding fuel, as is the case with other building materials.

Natural light shining through the translucent high performance fabric cover results in a bright atmosphere and pleasant working environment. The high light transmission (20.9%) allows sunlight to filter through the fabric, reducing the need for artificial lighting and resulting in energy savings. Customers can choose from either a highly translucent fabric cover or blackout fabric is also available when natural light is not required.

Quick Installation

Depending upon the building needs, Norseman Structures buildings can be built in a fraction of the time needed for traditional structures, saving you time and money and allowing you to get to work sooner. Backed by a 10 or 15 year pro rata warranty and a professional service team, we can offer you expert advice and experienced installation teams.

Excellent Service

Local Norseman building consultants partner with customers to provide personalized service and ensure the best building solution is provided. From raw material storage to maintenance garages; from equipment storage to package operations, Norseman Structures offers unique mine site building solutions second to none.

Norseman Structures

Address:3815 Wanuskewin Road
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada, S7P 1A4
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Phone:+1 (306) 385 2888
Fax:+1 (306) 249 1889
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