Omni Optical Products, Inc. (Omni)

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Product/Service List

1/2 Traverse Sets, Automatic Levels, Bipods / Tripods, Carrying Cases, Construction Lasers, Cradles / Clamps, Data Collectors, Distance Meter Accessories, Distance Meters, GPS, GPS Accessories, GPS Receivers, Instrument Mounts, Leveling Rods, Measuring Tapes, Measuring Wheels, Mining Monitoring and Tunneling Lasers, Plum Bobs, Precision Instruments, Prism /Reflectors, Prism Poles, Robotic Accessories, Safety Sign System, Safety Vest, Scanner Accessories, Scanner Crane, Survey Instruments and Accessories, Telescopic Scanners, Theodolite, Total Stations, Tribrachs / Adapters

Categories of Goods and Services Provided