PT Kenkana Indonesia

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A1 / A2 Industrial Cable Gland, Brass Glands, Brass Pipe, Bushing Conduits, Bushings, BW Industrial Cable Gland, Cable Clamps, Cable Clips, Cable Glands Accessories, Cable Markers, Cable Support Systems, Cable Ties, Conduit Fittings, Copper Pipe, Crimping Tools, CW Industrial Cable Gland, CX Industrial Cable Gland, CZ Industrial Cable Gland, E1W/F Industrial Cable Gland, Earthing Accessories Cable Glands, Electrical Systems, Enclosure Accessories, Flexible Hose, Flexible Metal Conduit, Flexible Tube, HDPE Pipe, Heat-Shrinkable Tubings, Insulation, IP 68 Cable Glands, Junction Box Panels, Multilayer Pipe, Panasonic Piping System, Panel Accessories, Piping Systems, Power Supplies, PP-R Pipe, PVC Pipe, PVC SCH Pipe, Terminals, Tie Guns, Tubes, Valve & Fittings, Wire Connectors, Wiring Duct Cutters, Wiring Ducts, Wrapping Bands

Categories of Goods and Services Provided