Pacor, Inc.

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Product/Service List

Adhesive and Film Laminating, Aerogel, Cerablanket®, Ceramics Blankets, Close Tolerance Slitting, Compressed Rolls, Conductive Foam, Custom Assembly of Products, Custom Foam Treatments, Exact-O-Board® Rugged Fiberglass Board, Exact-O-Mat® Resilient Fiberglass Blanket, Fiberglass Insulation, Fire Retardant Filter Foam, Kaowoll Blankets, Large Labour Saving Spools, LyTherm® 1530-L and 1535-L Premium Grade Paper, LyTherm® 550-L Utility Grade Paper, LyTherm® 970-L Commercial Grade Paper, LyTherm® Rollboard Paper, Manniglas® Gasketing Materials, Microlite® Lightweight Fiberglass Blanket, Micromat® Environmental Fiberglass, PaCoat™ Automotive Aerogel Blanket, PaCoat™ Standard Length Aerogel, Precision Die-Cutting, Range-Glas® XG™ Lightweight Fiberglass, RapidWrap® Removable Insulation Covers, SG Series Spin-Glas® Fiberglass Blanket, Spin-Glas® Board Rigid Fiberglass Board, Superwool®, TREO® Thermal & Acoustic Insulation, Tuf-Skin® II Semi-Rigid Fiberglass Blanket, Tuf-Skin® Semi-Rigid Fiberglass Blanket, UltraGard® Precut Aerogel Pipe Wrap Insulation, Valulite™ Flexible Fiberglass Blanket, Venture 1555CW® Foil Insulation Tape, Vinyl Impregnated Foam, Whispertone® Wallboard and Tackboard Fiberglass Boards

Categories of Goods and Services Provided