Pelmar Engineering Ltd.

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Air Valves, Media Filters, Sand Filtration, Water Control Valves, Water Filters - Disc, Water Filters - Screen, Water Filtration, Air Amplifiers, Air Conditioners, Air Jets, Air Knives, Air Liquid Spray Nozzles, Air-To-Air Coolers, Air-To-Water Coolers, Altitude Control Valves, Automatic Air Valves, Automatic Screen Filters, Bag Filters, Bi Pure Water, Big Bubba Filter Cartridges, Cabinet Cooling, Cabinet Cooling, Cold Pump Air Conditioner, Combination Air Valves, Compact Self Cleaning, Control Valve 400, Control Valve 700, Disc Filtration, Electric Gear Operated, Electric Piston Operated, Epoxy Media Filters, Fabricated Strainers, Filter Cartridges, Filters/Regulators, Filtration Products, Float Control Valves, Flow Control Valves, Flush Mount Coolers, Hydraulically Operated, Kinetic Air Valves, Manual Disc Filters, Media Filtration, Minitwist Filters, Non-Slam Check Valves, Oil Skimmers, Oil Skimmers, Overview, Panel Coolers, Personal Cooling, Plastic Filter Housings, Pleated Filter Cartridges, Pressure Relief Valves, Pump Control Valves, Sand Separator, Semi Automatic, Sewage Air Valves, Sewing Needle Cooler, Solenoid Controlled Valves, Spin Klin System, Spot Cooling - Cold Air Gun, Spot Cooling - Hot Air Gun, SS Filter Cartridges, Static Elimination, Strainers, Surge Control Valves, Valves, Vortec Panel Coolers, Vortex Tubes, Water Treatment, Wet Vacuums, Y Strainers, Pressure Reducing Valves, Compressed Air Products, Pressure Control Valves

Categories of Goods and Services Provided