Plastatech Engineering, Ltd.

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Product/Service List

Chemical Holding Basin Geomembranes, Crude Oil Storage Geomembranes, Fuel Tank Storage Geomembranes, HIGH-POINT® Architectural Fabrics, Industrial Curtains, Industrial Lagoon Geomembranes, Industrial Membranes, Laminated Vinyl Fabrics, Laminates, Landfill and Cap Geomembranes, Non-Reinforced Geomembranes, Oilfield Storage Geomembranes, PlastaFlex® Geomembrane Systems, PVC Films, Reinforced Geomembranes, Secondary Containment Geomembranes, Shelter Membranes, Storage Liners, Warehouse Membranes, Wastewater Lagoon Geomembranes

Categories of Goods and Services Provided