Porcupine Canvas

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14'x16'x5'Wall Tent, 14'x16'x5Prospector Tent, 16'x20'x6'Internal Frame Tent, 22' Tipi, 24' Tipi, 26' Tipi, Acid Bottle, Acid Drip Reader, Adjustable Pack, Angle Finder, Augers, Bearshield, Brunton Compass, Bullion Bags, C-Thru Protractor Rulers, Cable Laced Snowshoes, Carry-All Bag, China Markers, Curtains Fire Retardant, Degree Rules Rascal Rule, Duffel Bag, Dymo Tape Writer, Embossing Tape, Explosive Bags, Fiberglass Log Rule, Field Book, Flares, Flares, Flashlight Holder, Flashlight Holder, Foam mattresses, General Tool Bag, Geochemical Soil Envelopes, Geologist Vest, Hand Stamp Dies, Harnesses for Snowshoes - Rubber, Hoarding Tarps, Holster For Bear Spray, Kraft Sample Envelopes, Line Cutters Hip Pack, Lufkin Red End Engineers Rule, Lufkin Red End Two Way Rule, Magnesium Snowshoes, Magnetic Scriber, Magnifiers, Manual Splitter, Map Case, Map Measurers Curvimeter, Mattex Ore Sample Bags, Mattress Cover, Mechanics Tool Bag, Militia Rucksack, Miners Hip Bag, Miners Special Bag, Multi Meter Tester Pouch, Multi Meter Tester Pouch, Non-El Bag, Nylon Bags, Nylon Strung Snowshoes, Pencil Magnet, Picks, Plastic Bags, Pocket Stereoscope, Powder Bag-Backpack Style, Power Bags, Prospector tents, Radio Pouch, Safety Goggle Case, Safety Goggles, Sample Canvas Bag, Sample Pads, Sand Bags, Snowmobile Saddle Bags, Splash Curtains, Spray Can Pouch, Suunto Clinometers, Tally Counter, Tarps, Tents, Tool Rolls, Triangular Scales, Truck Seat Covers, Tyvek Tags

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