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PROCECO manufactures heavy-duty aqueous parts washers and degreasers that meet the tough demands of component rebuilding applications such as mining and earth moving equipment as well as of rolling stock (railway).

Our parts washers are engineered to clean components to spec in a short cycle time without the use of harmful solvents. A typical cleaning process consists of spraying parts with a high volume of pressurized, hot-water based cleaning solution to remove oils, grease, dirt, carbon, chips, and other contaminants.  Additional stages such as rinsing and drying can be added to complement the process. The cleaning solution is recirculated for re-use to preserve water, detergents, and energy.

Benefits of Our Technology

  • Reduces time and effort required to clean parts
  • Removes tough soils
  • Increases production
  • Cuts operating costs
  • Provides a safe working environment for operators
  • Customizable to suit your exact needs
  • Environmentally friendly
Wide Selection of Heavy Duty Parts Washers for Overhaul Applications

Typhoon-HD® Spray Cabinet Parts Washers
Automatically clean large parts placed on the turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets/ holding fixtures. Ideal to clean engine block and components, transmission components, bearings, etc., prior to overhaul.

  • Swing-out turntable design
  • Loading capacity from 1,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs
  • Turntable diameter ranges from 28'' to 148''
  • Working height ranges from 36'' to 144''
  • Over 40 pre-engineered optional features


Typhoon-RCP® Reciprocating Spray Manifold Parts Washers
Batch-type spray cabinet washers designed to clean large, heavy parts such as large diesel engine blocks and hydraulic components. The part is power-sprayed by a surrounding spray manifold that travels back and forth across its entire length, ensuring complete coverage of all surfaces.

  • Components are deposited on cabinet platform
  • Double sliding doors provide wide access to cabinet
  • Loading capacity up to 8,000 lbs
  • Working envelope  48’’ W x 48’’ H x 108” L
  • Selection of pre-engineered optional features


Traction Motor Spray Cabinet Washers
Batch-type spray washers designed to automatically clean traction motor and generator components placed on the turntable.

  • Swing-out turntable design (Typhoon®-HD)
  • Loading capacity from 6,000 lbs
  • Optional vacuum dryer
  • Selection of pre-engineered optional features


Typhoon-FTT® Spray Cabinet Parts Washers
Automatically clean parts placed on the turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets.

  • Fixed turntable design inside the cabinet
  • Loading capacity from 2,500 lbs to 20,000 lbs
  • Configurations with one or two vertical sliding doors
  • Over 40 pre-engineered optional features


Rail-Fed Bogie/Truck Washers
Rail-fed bogie washing plants are aqueous degreasing systems specifically designed to automatically wash and rinse railway car and locomotive bogies/trucks (without traction motors) moving on their own wheels, in various states of disassembly.


Since 1975, PROCECO has supplied and continues to support over 6700 cleaning systems to the Heavy Machinery, Rail & Transit, Aerospace, and Automotive Industries in more than 53 countries worldwide.

Contact Us Today to Discuss your Parts Cleaning Applications

PROCECO Head Office
7300 Tellier Street
Montreal, QC, Canada H1N 3T7

Tel. International: 1 514-254-8494
Toll free: 800-978-6677 (North America)
E-mail: cleaning@proceco.com

or contact your local sales representative


Address:7300 Tellier Street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H1N 3T7
View Supplier's Full Contact Information
Phone:+1 (514) 254-8494
Fax:+1 (514) 254-8184
Contact:Chantal Rousseau, Chef marketing / Marketing Manager Email
Pablo Teres, International Markets Sales Manager Email

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