Pyrosales Pty Ltd

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Air Heater, Calibration Equipment, Ceramic Bank Heater, Coil Heater, Continuous Level Transducer, Fire Survival MI Cable, Flow, Level & Pressure Instrumentation, Hand Held Simulators and Calibrators, HotRod Cartridge Heaters, Manifold Valves & Instrument Fittings, Measurement, Control and Monitoring Products, Melt Pressure, Mica Band Heater, Multi Float Level, Non-Contact Temperature Measurement, Pressure Gauges, Process Heating, Protection Sheaths, Recording and Data Logging, Resistance Thermometers (RTDs), Silicone Rubber Heaters, Standard Sensors and Radiation Thermometers, Temperature Gauges, Temperature Instruments, Temperature Sensors, Thermal Imaging Devices, Thermocouple Cable and Wire, Thermocouples, Thermowells, Tubular Heaters and Heating Bank

Categories of Goods and Services Provided