Quebec Stevedoring

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19 Millioin Square Feet of Outdorr Storage, 2 Million Square Feet of Indoor Storage, Acquisition Control, Cargo Control (Tracking of In-transit Inventory, Cargo Tracking, Communications with Clients (Proposals, Contracts, Etc.), Discussions with Clients (Proposals, Contracts, Etc.), Equipment and Machinery Maintenance, Iron Ore, Coke, Scrap Metal, Copper, Nickel Concentrates, Aluminia and Coal are Some of the Commodities Moving Through the Terminal, Reloads Nickel Concentrate to Rail from Northern Mines, Reloads Resupply Cargoes for Northern Mines, Ship Data Management (Centralization of Stevedoring Information), Stores Nickel Concentrate from Northern Mines, Stores Resupply Cargoes fro Northern Mines, Transport Specialized Mining Equipment to the North, Unloads Nickel Concentrate from Northern Mines, Unloads Resupply Cargoes for Northern Mines

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