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Quinn Process Equipment Co.

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Quinn Process Equipment Company has furnished a broad range of equipment for the minerals processing industry for over 25 years. We specialize in the design and manufacture of pilot plant and small commercial size equipment. The majority of QPEC equipment can be produced in a range of materials of construction to meet the needs of most corrosive and abrasive applications.

QPEC's product line includes:


Material Handling

QPEC-BROCH-BF-001 - Belt Feeders

QPEC-BROCH-C-002 - Belt Conveyors

QPEC-BROCH-E-005 - Bucket Elevators


QPEC-BROCH-CR-001 - 10” X 6” Dual Crushing Rolls

Grinding Mills

QPEC-BROCH-M-001 - Ball/Rod Mills

QPEC-BROCH-M-002 - Sectionalized Ball/Rod Mill

QPEC-BROCH-M-003 - Bond Index Package Grinding Unit

QPEC-BROCH-GM-001 - Bench Scale Ball and Rod Mills

QPEC-BROCH-GM-004 - Batch Ball/Rod Grinding Module

QPEC-BROCH-GM-005 - Package Grinding Module

QPEC-BROCH-GM-006 - Closed Circuit Grinding Module

Samplers and Splitters

QPEC-BROCH-SS-001 - Dry or Slurry Sampler/Splitter

QPEC-BROCH-S-001 - Snyder Type Sampler

Spiral Classifiers

QPEC-BROCH-C-001 - Spiral Classifier


QPEC-BROCH-AS-001 - Attrition Scrubbers

QPEC-BROCH-AS-002 - Attrition Scrubbers

QPEC-BROCH-TS-001 - Trommel Scrubbers


QPEC-BROCH-A-001 - Propeller Type Agitators

QPEC-BROCH-A-002 - Paddle Type Agitators

QPEC-BROCH-A-003 - Multi-Stage Propeller Agitators

QPEC-BROCH-A-004 - Reducer Driven Propeller Agitators

QPEC-BROCH-DC-001 - Drum Conditioner

Flotation Machines

QPEC-BROCH-F-001 - “Sub-A” Inline Flotation Cells

QPEC-BROCH-F-002 - “Sub-A” Individual Flotation Cells

QPEC-BROCH-F-003 - No. 7 Portable Flotation Cells

QPEC-BROCH-F-004 - “T-BR” #24/50 and #30/100


QPEC-BROCH-T-001 - Thickeners/Clarifiers


QPEC-BROCH-PVF-001 - Pan Type Vacuum Filters

QPEC-BROCH-PF-001 - Laboratory Pressure Filters


QPEC-BROCH-P-001 - Diaphragm Pumps

QPEC-BROCH-P-003 - Vertical Centrifugal Sand Pumps

Solvent Extraction (Mixer-Settler)

QPEC-BROCH-SX-001 - Commercial Mixer-Settler Units

QPEC-BROCH-SX-002 - Bench Size Mixer-Settler Units

Fluid Bed Roasters

QPEC-BROCH-FBR-001 - Fluid Bed Reactor

Bench Rotary Kiln

QPEC-BROCH-K-001 - Bench Rotary Kilns

Gravity Separation

QPEC-BROCH-J-001 - Selective Mineral Jig

QPEC-BROCH-GMis-001 - Placer Test Unit “Gold Miser”

QPEC-BROCH-BA-001 - Batch Amalgamation Unit

QPEC-BROCH-ST-001 - Strake Belt Concentrator

Custom Equipment


Quinn Process Equipment Company

The leading manufacturer of high quality mineral process equipment for pilot and commercial plants

We at QPEC take pride in our reputation. Our expertise in the design and manufacture of Mixer-Settler SX units and small mineral process equipment for a wide range of applications and feed rates, is unparalleled.

Quinn Process Equipment

Address:PO Box 2589
Littleton, Colorado
United States, 80161-2589
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Phone:+1 303 295-2872
Fax:+1 303 295-2706
Contact:Richard C. Quinn, President Email

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#5 Pilot Plant Flotation Cells, 14' Diameter Thickener, 16" X 32" Closed Circuit Ball Mill, 24" X 64" Ball Mill, 316 Stainless Steel #18 Spl. Flotation Cells, 316 Stainless Steel Multi-stage Agitator, 316 Stainless Steel Pressure Filter, 40" Attrition Scrubber, 48" X 72" Trommel Scrubber, 6' Diameter X 6' Deep Mixers FRP Construction, 9' X 34' Settler FRP Construction, Batch Laboratory Pressure Filter - Duplex, Batch Rotary Bench Kiln, Mild Steel #18 Spl. Flotation Cells, Mineral Jig, Tilting Pan Filter